Walkthrough 4 U: Apprentice Musketeers 1


Welcome back everyone to Walkthrough 4 U, and boy howdy do we have a lot of walkthroughs to go through. See while we here at the Armada was doing our usual gaming and entertainment – Delight Games was cranking out adventure game books like mad people. So now we’re back on the clock we our gaming guides starting with  Apprentice Musketeers 1. Like Ghost Hunters: JJ Jones, this story is aimed for kids and young readers. It stars Amelia, a bratty little pre teen who only reads from the light of a smart phone screen. However that all changes when her dad signs her up for a weekend reading class, from there she and her class will embark on a adventure that will take more than summer essay to cover. Now this book is easier and shorter than most from the Delight Series, which makes it easier to walk through, thank goodness because I got a lot of these to write.


Sweet talk

Talk to the boy

Fake it

Keep quiet


Try to calm Philip & Michelle

Ask him to ID himself

Go with Owen

Go help Anna

Ask others

Surprise attack!

Go after Jean-Pierre









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