Walkthrough 4 U: Detective’s Choice – Volume 4



Well Jack Jericho is back and now he’s sporting a new fur coat… Because now he’s a werewolf! Yes, after his life and death battle against his now lich wife, Rose, the down on his luck detective had to embrace lycanthrophy to survive. Now with volume 4 there are some changes: for one you can use the werewolf curse to your advantage, however every time you use that option it builds your rage score – like the other volumes if your rage reaches the count of ten then game over. Another change is that in this volume, for some reason, the story is separated by chapters. Other than those changes Detective’s Choice volume 4 is another excellent story in the series. Enjoy!




Go check it out

Shoot the tentacle

Ride it down

Try to start a fire

Grab Abner and run

-Chapter 2-

Play it cool

Take a chance

Ask for a lot of cash

-Chapter 3-

Look for another entrance

Climb the ivy


Try to disarm him

Search the first floor

Convince him to hurry

Check his room number

-Chapter 4-

Act like an interviewer

Scare him

-Chapter 5-

Let her Sleep

Insist on saving Rose

-Chapter 6-

Tell Ellie

Talk to the city workers


Give 10 dollars (more than her fat butt deserves)

Use the wolf

A werewolf did it

-Chapter 7-

Pull your gun

Say it’s a favor

Challenge Joey

Honest fight

-Chapter 8-

Ask for a table

Stay at the bar

Say they’re all dead

Fight Tiny

-Chapter 9-

Use sewers

Call out

Ask Pasha


Hall of mirrors

Kill Abner’s reflection

Dodge and shoot

Break the ice mirror

Use the hammer

Use you gun

Climb onto the roof

Check the basement

Pull the rug out

Do not sacrifice anyone

‘Anything to drink here?’









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