Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 1



Today people is a red letter day! We have a new CYOA book from Delight Game – but! It is a story that returns us to the world of Wizard Choice! In Rouge’s Choice, you play as that, a rouge. A man who only has the clothes on his back and two gold coins to rub together who just arrived at the Ring City. A stranger is this town only becomes a dead man, so in this first volume you’ll need money, information and possibly friends. While this section (and all future sections) of Rouge’s Choice is rather short, it is, by far, the most difficult CYOA walk-through series to date. So people if you choose different answers outside what the walk-through states, then you’re going to be at risk. Then again, risky business is the rouge’s M.O. so go accordingly.




Buy them a round

Harder stuff

Play straight

Buy the best

Let it slide

Pay a compliment

Compliment the redhead’s voice

Be honest

Let it slide

Attempt to pickpocket

Try for a duet

Stay gentlemanly



Do not ask a question



Make the payment



  1. Few mistakes.
    1. Not “stay gentlemanly” but “flirt”.
    2. Not “do not ask a question” but “ask if i can trust her”.
    3. Not “wh**res” but “luxury bathtubs”
    4. Not “negotiate” but “decline”.
    That way we get 360 points for Gold and 140 for morale, so it’s max rank already. + some bonus for no death and we have max available points collected.

    • Thanks for the addendum Matthew, hopefully these adjustment will help other players get better scores in their playthrough.

    • um i chose “ask if she brought a cat back to life” as a question which gave me +2 morale. Isn’t that a better choice than “ask if i can trust her” which only gives +1 morale?

  2. Two changes here:

    1) When talking with the ladies, after the duet, don’t `Stay Gentlemanly`. Instead, `Flirt` for *+1 Morale*.

    2) Near the end, don’t say `Whores`. Instead, say `Luxurious Baths` for *+1 Morale*.

    This should get you the _Highest Score_.

  3. I’ve used your walk through and can’t get past second rank. Something is wrong

    • Not really, the walkthrough just get’s you through the story – and not to any high scores.

  4. Everything is right except buying the best for the dwarves. (the second time buying drinks). Buy them regular ale and you’ll get a perfect score. I did.

  5. um i chose “ask if she brought a cat back to life” as a question which gave me +2 morale. Isn’t that a better choice than “ask if i can trust her” which only gives +1 morale?

  6. and the highest score i can get was 610 and didnt recieve the achievement for getting a stupid amount of points in any chapter…..very confuzzeled

    • Sadly these walkthroughs were made before the implantation of the achievement system, so I’m not sure any of these will get any achievement. Also these walkthroughs were only created to complete the stories – not to gain the high score(although it does happen from time to time). However if you have any tips or answers that will, please share in the comment section here.

  7. If you let it slide with the women you actually miss out on an extra morale point

  8. *act as though you didn’t notice him=+1morale
    *buy the miners a round of the harder stuff and play straight=+2morale, + 10gold
    *buy the cheapest ale for the dwarves=-1 instead of – 3gold(no other change except for the dialog as far as i can tell)
    *let it slide with them=+1morale
    *pay a compliment on the girls voice=+1morale
    *be honest with them
    *give them feedback=+1morale
    *pickpocket via duet=+2morale, +6gold
    *rooster=+1morale (warhorse=achievement)
    *flirt with her as well=+1morale
    *ask if she has raised the dead=+2morale
    *luxurious baths=+1morale
    This adds up to 15 morale, 16 gold and a highscore of 610.
    The suggested choices by this walk through, assuming you chose correctly on the introductory choice the article didn’t cover, yields 10 morale, 14 gold and a score of 440.

  9. Hmm played twice before seeing this guide and received bottom renk both times.

    Heres what i did differently:

    I did not try to pickpocket
    I answered sister rqther than whores or bath

    Were these that powerful to make so much difference from first to last?

    (Other things i had tried both ways and nade no difference. Tried both honest and cheating at cards, tried buying expensive and ordinary ale, tried flirting and staying gentlemanly. Always negiotated rather than stayed silent which i think comments say ok)

  10. Ps oh one more thing both times playing my question was Can i trust you rather than staying silent Can those 3 things be difference between first and last rank?

    • Since the Rogue Choice chapters are pretty short (at least in the beginning) even one wrong answer can & does hurt your score. Personally I love this new direction of the Rogue Choice story, however it’s more than a little tricky to make walk-throughs for. Oh well, I’ll get over!

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