Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 2



The Rogue’s first day in the Ring City was pretty tricky to say the least; but through luck, skill, and a silver tougne he was to aqurier information, quick cash to pay his (and family’s) debts and perhapse an ally in the wizard Krea. However as day turns to night you’ll have to find a place to sleep, and soon, otherwise you’ll become the next nameless victim in a city where brutal thugs aren’t the only monsters around.








Observe outside

Try to get her attention from here

Extinguish the light

Leave a note

Thanking him for the sacrifice

Hide in the shadows

Perform a magic trick


Speak to her

Speak to her

Talk about Malah

She seems like a good woman

Suggest a deal








  1. A lot of these choices are not the best option. Lots of morale missed out on. It’ll get you second best rank.

    • These walkthroughs were only created to complete the stories – not to gain the high score(although it does happen from time to time). However if you have any tips or answers that will, please share in the comment section here.

  2. *ask for a better receipt =1morale
    *charge and throw the dagger=1morale
    *observe outside=1morale
    *jump for the bars=2morale
    *extinguish the light=1morale
    *leave some coins=2morale, 7gold/*take all=10gold
    *hide in the shadows =1morale
    *magic trick=1morale
    *drop down=2morale
    *speak to her
    *offer a dress=1morale
    *she seems like a good woman
    *suggest a deal=-2life(the others either damage you more, or straight up kills you)

    I chose to leave some coin adding up to 13morale, 9gold and a score of 480

    • Seems i forgot to cover leaving a letter, this is the best choice and yields you 10 gold and 2 morale. Following my original comment and choosing this instead of leaving a few coins will amount to 13 morale, 12gold, 8 health and a score of 510(probaby higher if you haven’t died in this chapter before)

  3. Here are some changes if you want to get the highest rank:
    Somersault–> throw dagger
    Her attention–> jump
    Hide–> in the open
    About Malah–> buy a dress

  4. I have followed this (also used my knife instead of tumbling saving life), but no matter what I do, the vampire kills me. I am playing on the amazon echo with Alexa. The only option I haven’t tried with the vampire is jumping off the roof before I know what she is. Even with full life, she drains me after we seem to have a deal. Any thoughts?

    • I’ve double checked the walk-through and it got me through to the end. I think the vampire lady will always drain you at the end, so make sure you have at least 3 health points to lose at the end to complete the chapter. Otherwise follow the walk-through and you’ll make it – guarantee.

  5. Gets you through it alive at least. A few better options though are as follows:
    – Instead of getting her attention, jump for the bars.
    – Instead of hiding, drop down to the street, which then you choose to speak to her, then offer to buy her a dress, and continue with talking about Malah and making a deal.
    This leaves you with a base total of 510, not including the no deaths multiplier.
    Also, when talking about Malah, if you suggest to feed her to the vampire, it unlocks a secret achievement.

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