Let’s Play a Little: Knights of the Round


Hail my friends! Are ready for a epic adventure of ye ole swords and sorcery! Where the great of Kings and Knights defeat the usurper horde and find the holy grail! You are? Well sit and stay while as I recite the tale of the Knights of the Round!








Let’s Play a Little: Armored Warriors

A mech beat’em up? YES PLESASE!








Let’s Play a Little: The King of Dragons


I don’t know who the King of Dragons is, but I do know who we’re beating up today!







Let’s Play a Little: Warriors of Fate


Now this LPL is for the speed readers.





Let’s Play a Little: The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors

Now that Streets of Rage III is finally in the rear view, what should we play now? If you said more beat’em ups from the 90’s, then congrats you’re right! There’s no cash prize.