About A.R.M.A.D.A.

So the question is what is rmada?

* A Spanish army of ships

* An strategy based PC game, minus the numbers

*A rather larger SUV by Nissan

All good answers, but the name Armada is a six part acronym/play on words of who we are and what we do:



Action: We love action here at Armada, whether it’s our actions or the actions made by the world. It gives us cause to

React: In many creative ways; some are reviews, others are commentary, or just straight up news. Whatever its label it will be in the form of

Media: That will, in two parts, inform and entertain all frequenters of our site.

Access: Is available to all, free of charge, forever & ever. We are an independent

De Facto: Organization who are made of an

Alliance: Of liked minded individuals who tries to bring back something interesting to post.



And that’s Armada in a nut shell, basically. What we see (or make), we post for the enjoyment of all – free of charge. As for the meaning of the Video Game in Video Game Armada, well, I like video games and they do take a majority notice on the blog. However I’m fair and will never choose a video game post over a non one, because I can always post them both (duh).




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