Verb \ “Hale (long pronunciation for two seconds) + low (long pronunciation for two seconds)” /

The Ring World

1.  A somewhat snarky pronunciation of a circular, ring shaped, symbol of goodness; figuratively, located over a person’s head (because they are a ‘good’ person).


2. A finger gesture of a Halo being motioned over the owner’s head, arrogantly showing off their goodness.



— Example —

  • “Did I donate to the Child’s Play organization, uh, Haaallooo.”


  • “Haaallooo, I only do Paragon Shep because renegade is for jerks.”





Noun \ “Fuu + ob” /

The Foob ladies and gentleman - we were all one once.

1. A gamer who is new to a Massively Multiplayer Online game that is playing said game within a week of it going Free to Play.


2. A word that is a fusion of ‘F2P’ and ‘Noob’.



— Example —

  • “Man! Since DCUO went F2P the servers are loaded with Foobs.”


  • “Don’t take the ‘wanted posters’ quests until you get to level 30. Why? Because only lvl 30’s and Foobs takes those quests.”





Verb \ “Dag + gam + mit”/

Well said Fabio.


1. A word that characteristically describes displeasure to the point where is it a fusion of ‘Dagnab it’ and ‘Got damn it’ to properly express displeasure accurately.


2. An obscenity, but not really, which makes it ok to say in mixed company.



— Example —





verb \“Game+ma+fa+kay+shun”/

And how it effects the world (not literary of course)



1. An idea that instills the dynamic qualities of video games into a product, websites, or lifestyles, for the advancement of said and the enjoyment of all.


2. A tool used by corporations to enhance their customer appeal by providing fun, social, games on different platforms.









noun \ “Om+nee+gamer”/

Symbol of the Omnigamer


1. One who is superior in all forms of video game arts despite the platform, genre, or any other factors that pertain to the subject matter.


2. One who’s knowledge and understanding of gaming exceeds the norm.


3. One who does not have an equal or equivalent, with the exception of another Omnigamer. Such convergence is rare however.




  • There is only one, true, Omnigamer.


  • I am an Omnigamer, there is no such thing as opponents to me, merely victims.


  • You can always tell who the Omnigamers are by how they trade in new releases to buy other new releases.





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  2. Love ARMADA-pedia! It’s like word of the day for us gamer folk. More please.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    – JTM

    • Thanks but in all honestly all I really do is keep my ears open for the next pseudo word to shake from the pipes. Once a I heard ‘Dadgammit!’ for the first time I nearly died laughing – and it would have been a good death.

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