This just in (Or not) – Soon…


Yeah, I said this before and I’m saying it again: AVG is coming back. Especially since the VGA has been upgraded for this year – we might as well go for broke here. Stay tuned.

Average Video Gamer #6 – The Fall of Games: Pt.3

Astarboardly, th’ third an’ final in this storyline. Once gamer get his pre-orders homeport, he does what he does best: plays them. Howerethere`s somethin’ t’ be spake about takin’ a break ever’ once in a while. Enjoy!

(By th’ by, Talk like a Pirate Day maybe o’er everywhere else, but th’ Armada keeps ‘t goin’ fer one more tide ARRR!!!)



Average Video Gamer #5 – The Fall of Games Pt.2

Ok, part 2 of the ‘Fall of Games’ coming at you now. This one explains what the ‘Fall of Games’ are verbally and with a nice visual aid. Enjoy!



Average Video Gamer # 4 – The Fall of Games Pt.1

You know, I say this every year,  but this year I mean it!


The Average Video Gamer will return


While its true I’m more a wordsmith than an artist; I do enjoy creating my own characters based on video game culture. It deserves to live, be read and be enjoyed by all! Plus its great fun for me too, so I will do what I can to make sure this strip sees the light of day more than once a year. Now then in this strip, Gamer shows the length he’ll go to, to get latest games for the fall, especially to the princess much to her chagrin. Enjoy!


The return of Iconic Adventures: the tales of an Average Video Gamer

Now swabies reckon when I used t’ tell a chantey about a lad who wished nothin’ but t’ become th’ next great game character? Well I admit yer capt’n hasn’t told th’ tale fer se’en seas; I’ve marooned’t without cause but nay longer. Aye, me an’ me hands set-sailed down t’ th’ underworld an’ wrenched’t from Davy Jones his self. A.V.G has gone on account wi’ us an’ be now ‘Iconic Adventures: th’ tales o’ an Average Video Gamer’. Soon, very soon, th’ gamer be aft – an’ as colorful be th’ Caribbean coast. T’ show I’m a gentleman o’ fortune who doesn’t ‘nay prey, nay pay’ the’r loyal audience, here’s me very first A.V.G. tale from th’ Armada coffers– nay piece o’ eight be more valuable than this.

A.V.G. – Demo of the Dead

Avi’s back and this time he’s playing the Resident Evil 5 demo; hopefully his luck is better this time around. Enjoy!

World Premier of ‘Average Video Gamer’

Nope, it’s not a movie, but my very own comic based off the video game world I love so much. The main character is ‘Avi Gamer’, who is a (you guessed it) game player that lives in a video game parody of reality. When he plays games he takes on the character he plays (for good or bad), always adds his own personality to the mix. Outside the games, he’s his own character and acts accordingly to the world (if our world was full of question blocks and 1980’s game sprites walking down the street). As long as I’m doing this comic, I will make it as entertaining as I can (and at least get a little chuckle from ya). After all, I can’t make it look any better ;-). Enjoy