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Armada address 2018


I am the vengeance, I am the night, I AM THE FRAGMAN!!! 2018 will be the year of the FRAG!






We’re Back! – Thanks for waiting!



Well that was an excellent lazy man’s vacation and we’ve definitely enjoyed the holiday but now it’s time to get back to work. Starting with the continuation of our Let’s Playthrough of Bayonetta for the Wii U (two months since our last video – yikes), and while your enjoying that, look around the site, you’ll notice a few changes like the iconic Armada ‘A’. The old one served its purpose and helped bring awesomeness an A+ A can bring; but now this A is young, hungry, and ready to change the face of the Armada itself!




Wait! There’s more!



Ladies and gentlemen I’m proud to introduce the first in a hopefully long series of broadcasts about Video Game music and tracks. Video game music is awesome but hard to find outside of You Tube, and it can be a lot of work finding the right one as well.

Worry not fokes because will do the heavy lifting so all you need to do is listen and enjoy. You might even find a new favorite to love, and if that happens done its job.




VG Armada theme song


Armada faithful, today is a great day! Why? Because after all this time our theme song, which comes from the glorious & underrated 1991 game Shatterhand, has finally got some lyrics! And who better to compose and sing such great wording but myself the One, True, Omnigamer – Boss Bronze. Come on people at home sing along & sing it proudly – this is Video Game Armada!




Armada Points Bulletin (APB) – Blizzard Entertainment’s internal network compromised… Yay…



You know it’s been a while since I had to break out to an APB (Armada Points Bulletin for those you don’t know) on the site. Actually I was hoping I wouldn’t have to because APB’s are usually about bad things. Sadly I wouldn’t be much of a journalist (or a game enthusiast) if I didn’t report the good with the bad so here it is: Blizzard Entertainment’s internal network was breached a few days ago. Yeah, it’s annoying believe me (my own Blizz account was hacked not, once, twice, but three times…), but that’s life so you all know the drill. Anyone with an active account please change your passwords, beware of phishing emails and if you didn’t have a Authenticator it’s about time to get one.



The face of evil, ladies and gentlemen – don’t let him win!




SOPA & PIPA – The internet strikes back!


The World Wide Web is looking weird today; things are blacked out, whole sites are shut down, and people on message boards are way angrier than usual. What’s going on? Oh that’s right, the U.S. government is trying to bring into law two forms of legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) from both House and Senate. These two Bills are very similar to the S.978 bill we here at Armada posted about last year. In the broad strokes if these Acts become law; they will give the government and IP owners the ability to take off their posted copyrighted work off any website (no matter the context) and effectively shut down the site. It was proposed to fight internet pirates, but I don’t have to tell you how these bills can be misused. From reviews and parodies to simple pictures and the like, all will fall under these Bills and so all sites can be terminated – mines and yours. As a result the internet is under a one day protest, showing what could happen if these Bills comes to law. Heavy hitters like Google and Wikipedia to fan favorites like the Spoony Experiment are all in on the rebel rousing, and so far it is making waves.


Many congressmen (and women to be sure) are now speaking out on the Bills’ scorched earth like solution, as it may cause more harm then good. Despite this however we’re not out of the woods yet; the Senate vote on PIPA is on Tuesday – while SOPA’s House vote won’t come till February. So people, please for the sake of the net itself contact your representatives and say: “We don’t truck with no Pirate, but we love our sites, please don’t kill ours” Thank you.



Update 1/19/12: Good news fokes, thanks to the near total boycotting of the net and the most aggressive peaceful demonstrations across the country; the PIPA bill has lost a total of 18 Senators so it looks like its on its way out. Vigilance however is still advised, it ain’t over til its over.



This just in (or not) & APB – The S.978 bill


Some days it’s just one thing after another… Only a few days after gamers’ victory over California via the Supreme Court: ‘Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Assn.’ (most celebrated, but Jon Stewart – funny, also wrong. Stick with ‘the Decider’ jokes…); I couldn’t think that the powers that be would start up again so soon, or come up with a bill even more idiotic than the one that just failed, but I was wrong… Apparently some of the world’s biggest and richest entertainment providers as well as some ill informed people in US government has brought to table the S.978 bill. This bill is as follows:


To amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes – web streaming of copyrighted content a felony with a possible penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Illegal streaming of copyrighted content is defined in the bill as an offense that “consists of 10 or more public performances by electronic means, during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copyrighted works


On the surface, this is another attempt to control unauthorized movie, TV, and music viewing on YouTube or any other pubic media site. However this piece of drek also affects video games; if this bill passes anyone who posted video game footage  online without the direct consent of the Intellectual Property owners will possibly pay over $2,000 in fines and/or be incarcerated up to five years in prison.


The bill as it stands will annihilate the following on media sites (including my own):

  • Video reviews
  • Video guides
  • Personal Gaming achievements (or in my case, oddities)
  • Event footage (like E3)
  • Trailers (outside of IP providers)
  • Fan renditions of gameplay scenes and music
  • Various media sources


The S.978 bill right now is still in the litigation process and in my personal opinion will ultimately get defeated. However you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile, the people have the power so let’s use it. Follow the link here and let the members of congress know that U.S. gamers won’t stand for this! Better yet, find out who your congress man or women is and write a polite, but firm, letter on how a ‘scorched earth’ bill against content pirates will harm us all.


And with that I’m spent, for more information please use the following links and enjoy the video from ‘DarkSydePhil’ of ‘DSP Gaming’ on the subject (he provided the link). Please treat this with the most serious mind, in mind; video games have always been under fire ever since we were little kids, now as adults we can fight back for the games we love.



S.978 bill (1)

S.978 bill (2)

S.978 bill (3)

Demand Progress

Armada Points Bulletin (APB) – E-Mail Virus Alert

Now here at Armada we’re an entertainment site dealing with, what else, entertainment. We often leave the serious events of the world to the 5’oclock news; however important things that cross into the realm of entertainment (or something we find interesting) must be reported otherwise we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. As such APB is now formed, that’s Armada Points Bulletin in case you were wondering.

Today, or rather yesterday, it was reported that the “here you go” worm has infected various government and  commercial e-mail accounts causing computers to shut down.  First the user would get an e-mail from someone they know listing (in poor English by-the-by) how they have something for them via the link they provided – hence ‘here you go’.   This virus works when the user click on the link, which will spread the virus to all the people in their e-mail address book with the same letter they just received.


It will turn your computer into a Botnet, and if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry – I can help with that as well.

Please, if you see a suspicious email in your inbox, no matter whose it from, delete it.  Save yourself from becoming another casualty. Ok, now that the PSA is over, we return you now to your regularly scheduled wild and craziness.