Armada TV – Spongebob v the People (again)

Yeah so this happened:



And I can’t really add anymore to what Tom Kenny said here; children are not computers they’re living people (or soon will be). They learn at school and should enjoy themselves watching TV as adults do. That doesn’t mean letting them watch everything under the sun but as far as Spongebob is concerned, he’s as safe as a regular sponge in the kitchen. No, wait, he’s even safer than that considering what’s in your typical kitchen sponge these days.


Sorry Sponge old bean, but chances are this isn't the last stand you'll have to take

Armada TV – Ninja vandal terrorizes neighborhood

Ok, so, back in January I showed a Good Morning America report on ‘real life’ superheroes in Seattle. Now, or rather on Sunday, WPGH FOX 53 shows a news report on a ‘Ninja’ hoodlum (with sword in hand) causing trouble in a small community. I tell you people what’s next, Aliens, Demons, Skynet – whoa, scratch that, the machine uprising is too close for my taste already.  Just never mind…

Armada TV – Clips of Conan & MAD

I love video games, I love TV; but nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than our current culture giving video games its proper due in funny and awesome ways. For this segment of Armada TV I showcase clips of Conan O’Brien and MAD (on Cartoon Network) doing just that this week. Enjoy!