Armadarazzi – Beer Battered Highway

True Backlash usually gives the Armada some interesting articles to write about, but this time during his travels he has provided some photos. Guess what? If you like Miller beer you’re in luck because a whole truck of it is giving it out for free! What’s the catch? Well when I say ‘giving it out for free’ what I really mean is that ‘the truck spilled out dozens of cases of beer on to street’. So if you’re close to this area and don’t mind the odd gravel bit or sharp piece of glass then have at it – at least it will be cold.



Thanks to this truck the streets are truely paved in gold... colored alcohol.



99 boxes of beer crushed to the ground, 99 boxes of beer. Take one home, before anyone sees, 98 boxes of beer crushed to the ground...


Here’s Homer Simpson reaction to the incident.