Beta to the MAX: Battleborn



MOBAs, to me, they always seems like a half done genre. Not knowing what it is or its general purpose to the gaming world at large. Even ‘good’ MOBA are stagnate and repetitive beyond a title’s reply valve. However that is changing thanks to excellent developers like Gearbox Software and Motiga. They are transforming MOBAs into something worth their hype. Don’t believe me? Then watch my video of the Battleborn open Beta – then try it for yourself (if you can, the open beta is for a limited time).


Beta to the MAX – The Might Quest for Epic Loot


Welcome people to the new segment I call ‘Beta to the MAX’! (You get it? Because Betamax was a thing, it’s a play on words, comedy…. Never mind…). Its purpose is to highlight some awesome games that are currently available for open beta, which is usually the final shakedown before the game goes live. Hey remember I picked ‘The Might Quest for Epic Loot’ as one of my favorite highlight of E3 (I forget which year); well guess which game just so happens to have an open beta right now? No, WildStar was two weeks ago but that’s a good guess (And will be out tomorrow – yay!). Now what good am I if I don’t play what I preach, so I gave Might a whirl and I’m happy to say I’m a believer in the game. You get to choose from a warrior, archer, or mage (you can also pick the hard rocking runaway class but you have to pay for that) and set to invade a kingdom in a sky. Why? One – to steal all their Epic Loot (don’t worry everyone steals from each other in the sky apparently) and two, once you have the lootz you need to protect it with your very own sky castle. The duality of this premise makes the game great. While you got to be well-equipped, trained, and leveled to invade castles and survive; but you have to properly protect you property with traps, minions, and even bosses you’ve defeated in other castles. Combinations and configurations are nearly endless for both you and your castle, oh and did I forget to mention that this game is PVP as well. Yep other players can invade your castle and you can do the same. So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get questing for epic loot toady!