Character Quotes: Maya Fey (Project X Zone 2)



Maya Fey is a woman of many talents: a spirit medium (in training technically), a legal aid, and the connoisseur (and carnivore) of fine hamburgers (how she stays skinny I’ll never know). However she is also psychic. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at this next quote; where she, and Phoenix Wright, meet the Boss of Shadoloo (Shadow Law?), the Psycho Driver himself, M.Bison in Project X Zone 2. In her one sentence here, she read the mind of every single Street Fighter fan since M.Bison’s redesign in Alpha – enjoy!





Character Quotes: Reiji Arisu (Project X Zone 2)


Well people it’s been while for the Character Quotes segment, almost three years (where does the time go). To be honest though there hasn’t been many quote worthy things in gaming (or anywhere else) for almost that long. Thanks goodness for Project X Zone 2, almost every cut scene has some nice quotables for me to enjoy and for this week I’ll share my favorite three so far – starting with Reiji Arisu.


The stoic, serious, multi weapon carrying member of the Shinra group is a man very use to reality going crazy on him. Really before he, and his partner/master/lover (maybe) Xiaomu hits the field, heroes and villains from all of hyper-time are already running amok in places (and times) they don’t belong. So the pair in Project X Zone 2 just sees this as another day in the office. However this quote from Reiji after seeing the Dragonturtle Mk. I is not only funny but shows that he like big, awesome, vehicles as much as the next man – yet he still stays on task.





Character Quotes – Seth Green & George Lucas

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn't have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn’t have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.



As much as I hate prequels in general, not only did I like the Star Wars prequels (Episode I, II & III), but I thought they were necessary to the Star Wars mythos. They weren’t as good as the original trilogy but very few prequels are better than the original. Yet people (fans over the age of 20 mainly) still proclaim that the SW prequels (and George Lucas by extension) are the worst things to happen to fiction, even now after 14 years. Why? For many reasons, but the main one is Jar-Jar Binks: a silly, stupid alien that is comic relief and nothing more. However talk to the more jaded of Star Wars enthusiast and Jar-Jar is the beast in CG form. It is this collective hate people have with the prequels and Jar-Jar that made me select this collective quote from Seth Green & George Lucas. Remember that ‘Stars Wars’ post about how Seth Green wanted to be in the next Star Wars movie in an esquire interview. Well if you read that interview then you already know what’s coming up, but if you didn’t the following words should put things in perspective:



Seth Green: I had a conversation with him once about Jar Jar, and why Jar Jar wasn’t funny. He said, “How old were you when you saw Star Wars?” I was four. He said, “Did you like C-3PO?” I said, “I loved C-3PO. He was probably my favorite character.”


Esquire: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this argument before.


Seth Green: Well, wait, he makes a good point. He said, “Remember in Empire Strikes Back, when C-3PO is complaining, and Han Solo is like, ‘Shut that guy off,’ and they turn him off?” I said, “Yeah, I was horrified.” He said, “Remember when that happened, everybody over 20 in the audience cheered?” And I said, “Yes, and I thought that was horrible. What’s wrong with those people?”


Esquire: Huh.


Seth Green: You see what he means?


Esquire: I guess you’re right. I’m suddenly getting flashbacks from the ’80s, of adults complaining about how much they hated C-3PO.


Seth Green: So George said to me, “How old were you when you saw Episode I?” I was 26. And he goes, “And you just haaaaaaaated Jar Jar, didn’t you? Talk to your five-year-old nephew.” And you know what? I did. I talked to my brother-in-law, actually, who’s 21 now. He was just at that sweet-spot age when Episode I came out. And he loves Jar Jar. That’s where George is brilliant. He does things that are crowd-pleasers. He’s a crowd-pleaser.


Character Quotes – All the cast of Kid Icarus Uprising

“G Force, IN MY FACE!!!!” – Pit

 “Maybe because of my slightly botched laser eye surgery.” – Palutena

 “No doy.” – Pandora

I know, I know I talked about this already in my game review of Kid Icarus Uprising, but the more I’ve play this game the more awesome this feature of the game becomes. Almost each and every thing that comes out of the characters mouths are instance classic quotes. I’m not kidding; they could easily added garbage, generic dialogue throughout the entire game with only few good lines. Instead these characters speak their minds about the situation they’re in, use comedy like pros, reference their current game with the original one 27 years ago, and all the while doing it without going too far or being annoying. In fact the only thing that could a problem this that the lines are middle of the action of the game – it’s hard to take out the Great Reaper when you’re doubled over laughing at another Palutena zinger. Anyhow, if you haven’t done so before: Go. Buy. NOW!




Character Quote – Skyrim guards


Ok, I get, you got shot! Now turn around while I pick this lock.

Ok people… This, this is insane; I’m serious, this one quote has been picked and ran with all over the internet. Why? I don’t know. That’s why the world is so wacky; one minute you’re saying something or doing something, person records it, then the next moment you enjoy a mediocratic rise of web fame for a few a month then disappear back into the obscurity (ITJB). In this case, a quote from the latest console juggernaut: Skyrim. Basically whenever a player character enters any town or city with guards in it they will eventually say: ‘I used to be an adventurer just like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee‘. Some gamers theorized that all the guards say this because the naïve warriors of Skyrim don’t use knee guards in their armors; so they in turn take lot punishment to the knee to the point where they are forced to retire to a guard position. Others think is sloppy programing. Well whatever the reason it’s today’s quote of the day, not because we think it’s a really funny or profound, only because it’s popular with the kids today. After all one of Armada’s many mottos is ‘Joining band wagon’s since 2008’.

Bonus – Just because we care!








Character Quotes – Dilbert’s presentation on corporate energy


A few years ago I did a character quote on Dogbert the omnipotent canine of the Dilbert comic, this time around its the ‘Star’s’ turn in the following short. I was kind of surprised I found this on youtube, or the fact its three years old (seeing how I just saw this today on iTunes). Never the less its good, good stuff. So much so in fact I couldn’t decide which quote of the short was my favorite so you get to hear them all plus an bonus Dilbert short that’s not bad either. Enjoy!





Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Leo Cristophe

“Kefka! I can no longer stand by while you commit these atrocities!”


Well this is the end of the Character Quotes, Black History Edition, for the month because this is the end of the month. I hope you all learned something interesting from the profiles because I did enjoy writing them. The final character I’m highlighting is a character from Final Fantasy, 6 to be exact (predating Barret Wallace). General Leo Cristophe was the highest ranking officer in the oppressive Empire, the main bad guy force in the game. Yet Leo was a noble and honorable man who believed in fair play and justice. He earned the respect of not only his men but he’s enemies as well; and that was before he drew his sword. On the battlefield he was unstoppable striking hard and fast before enemies could react; and he could unleash massive waves of energy that can obliterate anything in his way. Despite his power he would always try to find a peaceful solution to conflicts before they get out of hand. Sadly players would only be able to use him only once before he was done in by Kefka. Still, to this day, he is the coolest final fantasy character I know – and it makes me doubly proud that he is a brother. Leo wherever you are man, is fan computation is for you.