Characters of Color – Mr. T




Geez… How did I miss this last year, how did I almost miss this – this year? Ladies and gentlemen, I truly apologize for my lack of vigilance and total ineptness for not featuring this guy the first thing out. He is quite possibly the most famous (and awesome) character of color ever, the one, the only: Mr. T. His real name is Laurence Tureaud and despite his hard luck beginnings he rose to prominence then to a full fledged icon. No one man has done as much as he has over his 60 years of life, don’t think so, here is a short list of his accomplishments (note: this info comes from both Wikipedia and IMDB):



Seriously this guy is no joke cool; he was the personal body guard to Muhammad Ali, has a photographic memory,  in his life he was in court 200 times for lawsuits and won all of them, voted the fourth most influential American in history, and was diagnosed with cancer in 1995 and beat it like a rented mule six years later. If I couldn’t convince you all that Mr. T is a living legend and the embodiment of the American dream all rolled into one then check out the Original Mr. T fact generator for more information. I swear I couldn’t tell you who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Mr. T, but the conflict could tear the fabric of space and time apart – and if that happens you know the Armada would cover it live.


(Oh yes, thank you Linkara for your video last week (and this week as well). It reminded me how BA B.A. Baracus is)