Armada address of 2016


Don’t worry, it’s short – but no less important. Let’s start the new year right.

Commericals of Xbox past


Tomorrow the last next gen console will be available for purchase, which is Xbox One. A console that I’ve been keeping an eye on since its announcement. But before we get to enjoy the future I feel like we need to take time to look into the past commercials of both Xbox & Xbox 360 and see how far we’ve come as gamers. Well it’s not that far, but still its neat to see how far the rookie console came to become the power house we all enjoy today. Enjoy!



The game that launched a thousand Xboxes.

Still deserves a sequal, where’s my sequel BioWare?

I don’t care what people said, Mech Assault > Regular Mech Warrior

Played well, told well, ended well. Can’t wait for the next generation of Mass Effect games.

GTA funner, awesomer, cousin.

Really wished Half Life 3 come out already.


Gamification – The Madden Curse

In a more bizarre example of Gamification ESPN did a quick look at the madden curse, a phenomenon that effects football players who grace the cover of that year’s Madden title – usually negatively. This year for the game’s 25th edition there was vote for a football legend to get on the cover and Barry Sanders was chosen. How will this affect the curse?  Will it whammy Sanders even though he’s been in retirement for years? Who knows? All I know is the Madden Curse never fails to be unexpecting – watch the skies people.

Characters of Color – The Brown M & M


YES! FINALLY! The race line in candy treats has finally been erased! M & Ms are quite possibly the most delicious, easy to eat, candies ever. The tagline, ‘melts in your month, not in your hand’, is true because the thin candy shell keeps the precious chocolate from spilling out due to hot weather or the like. It’s not perfect, but what is really? Anyway to add to the appeal, the candy shells were colored red, yellow, blue (added in the 90’s), green, orange (also a newbie color), and even the color of the chocolate itself – brown. Over time each one of the colors became mascots for different types of M &Ms like peanut butter or almonds, even having their own personalities – except for, you guessed it, the black M & M (or rather the brown M & M if you want to be technical). For years this injustice was unaddressed, until yesterday on the Superbowl. The whole world was witnessed to the final lost M & M in one of the best commercial of the night; Ms. Brown turned out to be intelligent, worldly, and sets the record straight on a common misconception about her. But please I can only tell you readers so much, watch the awesome commercial yourself and see why she’s today’s  Characters of Color.




Characters of Color – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo



Next up Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and yes that’s his name and the name of his series. Right, trying to explain what the series is and his part in it, is like trying to have the Joker do your taxes – but I’ll try. Here goes: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Bo-bobo to his friends, is a man with a solid gold afro, who uses a very long, living (but retractable) nose hair to fight the evil Margarita Empire (I still prefer the Chrome Dome Empire – thanks Cartoon Network) from removing hair from the world. His allies are two children (one with an extreme case of gas), an attention glutton who looks like the sun, a dude made of Jello, and a guy who has pink poo for a head.  Together they fight with an array of abilities and powers similar to DBZ if you were drunk, high, and spanned in a circle for nine years. Now if you’re asking why any of this insanity makes Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo worthy enough to highlight, then you’ve new to Armada & you got a lot of reading to do.






Characters of Color – Dee Jay


Once again its February people and for those who aren’t in the throes of passion, its Black History Month. For the Armada that means a whole month of us highlighting the great black characters in games and animation. We start with everyone’s favorite smiling street fighter: Dee Jay. Hailing from the islanded paradise of Jamaica; Dee Jay is an extremely skilled kickboxer who not only defeated Adon and Sagat during his tournament runs, and fended off a Psycho Driven M.Bison, but managed to get a sweet record deal and became a musical pop star. DJ is also great because he was the only American made character for the Street Fighter series. Add to the fact that he has the most versatile fighting style for charge characters in the series what do you got: a pretty awesome character of color who will beat you down and smile while doing it.






A new feature “15 Minutes or Less”

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