DeAchievements – Rage Quitter of the Year


Ladies and Gentlemen, video games are an awesome entertainment medium that deserves the utmost respect and dignity of its station. However one should never forget that video games are just games and are meant to be enjoyed and only taken so seriously. Unfortunately many online gamers tend to forget that fact and let their temper get the better of them. Today’s entry is about one such gamer. Ok see if this sounds familiar: you’re playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer in hopes of getting credits or increasing your level for one of your character (both is true in my case today). Well, all of a sudden, the host leaves and leaves you rebooting the level, usually by yourself. Figuring I was going to wipe without more players I decided to have fun and go Rambo on the enemies (plus it was the Bronze level so at least it wouldn’t be over to soon). I was holding my own well enough for the first two rounds, and then to my surprise a player show up. As a fair Omnigamer and internet journalist we will refer to this player as Y.V.102. He joined me as we moved on to the 3rd wave of the stage, which was hacking a console (an impromptu King of the Hill game with aliens and/or robots). Well, as I said before, a wipe was inevitable without more people (at least three) and hacking events are the toughest ones because enemies respawn at an alarming rate. I was the first to fall, but I took a lot down with me; 102 got me up but being a Krogan (and they’re capable of many good things) I can’t dodge or move with any instant quickness and fell back down again. It took less time for 102 to get beaten, being a squishy human and all. Well instead of waiting for more players and trying again he let loose a stream of expletives that sort of reminded me of Bill O’Reilly and Alec Baldwin rants: sad and a little funny. Then 102 leaves, probably late for angry management classes. This was a very unique instance for me; not so much for meeting a rude player online, but rather 102 was the perfect example of ‘Rage Quit’ (even did it in the right order). So much so in fact I award him the very first ever Video Game Armada DeAchievement – Rage Quitter of the Year. So friends and love ones of 102 (and you know who you are) give him a round of applause, slap him on the back, and tell him congratulations, it’s not everyday someone can quit so hard that they become #1.



In all seriousness some gamers need to…