That’s Gamertainment – Team Snow Fortess


Well people Spring is finally here (though depending where you are, you’re still getting snow oddly enough) and a lot of people are glad about that fact. Indeed this Winter was not only tough but would come out of nowhere with ‘Thunder Snow’ and ‘Polar Vortexies’ a plenty. However certain you tubers made the best out of a frigid situation and decided what better way to use the white stuff than to make a parody video about one of the best shooters on the market today: Team Fortress 2. Something also tells me if there was  winter in TF2 land this is exactly how it would play out. Enjoy!




That’s Gamertainment – Sony’s PlayStation 4 Unboxing


Days after the release of PS4 and already there are some problems and some less than favorable reviews about their starting game lineup. Well people you know the old saying: it easier to apologize for bugs, bricks, and boring games than asking a waiting audience to bare a delay. I’m not going to lie, I would still get the PS4 if given the chance,  that’s why today we’re taking a look at the unboxing video of the PS4 (provided by C|net). Don’t worry people who bought the Ps4 and are having these problem; Sony is doing everything in their power to fix their million dollar baby, and unlike GTA Online the PS4 will be a long term investment that will earn its keep over the years.





That’s Gamertainment: Blackbeard vs Al Capone


Now you know we’ve already reported on the start of season 3 of Epic Rap Battles of History and few post ago, and we know our audience will follow each episode at their own leisure. So why are we reporting on the latest one, Blackbeard vs Al Capone? Because its the perfect product placement of the upcoming title: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and if there’s a one thing we specialize in its video games. So enjoy!




That’s Gamertainment: Team Fortress presents – Ring of Fired



Well people it’s been a little over a year since the robot apocalypse of Grey Mann was unleashed upon the world. Set to destroy Saxton Hale’s company and making it his own. Thanks to the class mercs of RED/BLU (and by extension us) we beat back the tide of metal death and got some sweet loot and new abilities (that don’t last unfortunately) out of it. Even after Grey Mann tried to change tactics and create new threats, we met the challenge. So will Mann vs Machine ever end? Yes, and in a very unexpected way, the first ever non-game update comic that is also a mini-series (six issues).  While we only have the first issue right now, it’s enough to knock you on your butt: here it is Ring of Fired.




That’s Gamertainment: Can video games predict the future?


Well conventional wisdom would say no, but a lot of madden titles have mysteriously predict the Superbowl winners over the years and that should say something. However we here at the Armada believe if the free exchange of ideas so watch this video and come up with your own conclusions.




That’s Gamertainment – Team Fortress 2 Commercial


Hey, everyone loves Team Fortress 2, even the wacky fokes on Adult Swim, which this commercial was shown during on. It’s not very long and it doesn’t advertise some new Team Fortress based TV show on adult swim (sad face); but hey it’s still funny and hey new season of Venture Brothers so not a total tease.




That’s Gamertainment: Coke Zero Commercial


Best. Commercial. Ever….