Future Flicks – Wreck-It Ralph


You know people, I have a soft spot in my heart of video games (natch) but also have a fondness of fictional villains as well. Think about it, what really makes a movie, book, show, and yes, video games great; the villain (or the antagonist) – of course. They’re the ones who make you stand on the edge of your seat, they’re the ones make you feel like the world’s coming to an end at the climax, and the best ones are the ones that you love and hate at the same time. In fact the popularity of certain villains are so great that they actually graduated to hero status (or at least become antiheroes) in their relative works. In this very interesting upcoming move from Disney (though not from Pixar), Wreck-It Ralph (the name for both the movie and the main character), stars a villain who’s tired of being the villain in the game he’s in. So like a boss, he breaks reality in half (he’s 9-foot-tall, 643-pound after all) and escapes into other games to find his destiny  – maybe even become a hero himself. Now before you all poo-poo this, please take note that they’re making a concerted effort to make this as legit as possible. So much so that they’re including the legacy video game villains that helped paved the way including Doctor Ivo Robotnik (and if you think I’m going to call him ‘Eggman’ then you got another thing coming). Now there’s very little information about the film, not even a website yet, but once we find out more you can bet Video Game Armada will bring it to you.







Future Flicks – Anchorman 2


Anchorman 2, Will Ferrell, that is all.




Future Flicks – The Dark Knight Rises


So yeah, just when you think The Avengers are going to be ‘the’ superhero movie of the year (heck maybe even the century); but then two days ago the people at large saw this trailer and well all nerd heck broke loose. It’s going to be a great summer people, and not only am I personally excited about the movie, but the awesome parodies ‘ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’s’ is going to come up with the two blockbusters. It’s going to be a great summer indeed.





Future Flicks – The Avengers


We all knew it was coming since the first Iron Man movie, now the trailer’s out and its pretty good. It gives us all action shots, few bits of dialog and no insight into the actual story. The only down side is that we got to wait until May 2012 before we can see it on the big screen. Oh well, I got the Super Hero Squad so I can wait it out.