Desinty is Live



That’s right, Bungie’s newest baby is now available now available for your favorite next-gen console that’s not the Wii U. Will it deliver all that it promised or will it be Halo 5.5? Well our Let’s Play is on the way, however I’ll say so far I’m enjoying playing the title. There’s a lot to do and does has a good MMO feel to it, of course you’ll be shooting a lot of things so that’s awesome. If you do pick up a copy you might see me online, I’ll be the one using the biggest weapon evar and running head long into a squad of Fallen – do yourself a favor and join in too for the sweet loot and exp!      





The Fall of Games: Cyber Monday



Well people I hope you’re had an excellent Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday (winter is coming) but the madness is not over yet because today is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the internet equivalent of Black Friday where shoppers go online to shop for the best deals. Well if nothing else there will be a lot less punches and tazering with today; but that doesn’t mean the deals are any less. Sadly no good deals for the PS4 & X one consoles but the big three of online shopping still have some pretty good savings for the discriminating gamer (or the friends/family member of one). Click on the links below to see what there offering, happy shopping!


Best Buy

  • Best Buy has about 1 billion visitors shopping online and 600 million shoppers visiting our U.S. stores annually.
  • is among the top 10 retail websites in the United States.
  • According to NRFStores, is in the top 5 most popular retail web sites.



  • GameStop Corp., a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company.
  • World’s largest multichannel video game retailer.
  • GameStop is committed to delivering games to consumers anywhere, any time and on any device.




  • Amazon’s warehouses have more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools.
  • Amazon owns 10 percent of North American E-Commerce.
  • Amazon’s unique users are 5x more valuable than eBay’s




The Xbox has launched


Great news people, in addition to the Xbox One finally releasing to the general public, thus kicking off the next generation of excellent games, but I might be able to get this one much sooner than expected. Now granted the launch line ups may not be the most vibrant, but Dead Rising 3 alone is enough to get a gamer excited. Sure the console does cost $100 more than PS4, but in my opinion it does more than the PS4.  And yes Microsoft did dig themselves into a hole by tell their core audience to #dealwithit, however they’ve since changed their unpopular practices and made sure the Xbox One is something the majority is happy with. No backwards compatibility but I’ve made peace with that. If PS4 & the Wii U not your speed then the One is the one for you, and if you need some more info check this link out and get informed.  I’ve been waiting a long time for the big three consoles to come out, and now that they have I expect game developers to take advantage of the technology and make wonders. They all are now put on notice, you are not as good as your last game any more.




The Playstation 4 has launched


And so begins the consoles wars, for a while Wii U was the only game in town but not any more. With the PS4 now available for purchase it give players a new source of next gen goodness to enjoy, like the latest Killzone or new titles like Knack. As for me, I would love to get the PS4 right now but thanks to the holidays I got to think about others and not myself (darn it), so I’ll be without a Xbox One or PS4 for a while. But hey don’t let that stop you, and if you’re still undecided then bone up on some info. Sony was so kindly to release a massive FAQ on their newest entertainment system; from hardware specs to PS plus overview it is as defining as you can get. Click here for more, and if you’re on team Sony then go out and get that bad boy today (if you can). The good times are here again.






Game Gifts of 2012 – Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies



Now this next pic was a game I wanted to play when it was first released in 2009; but sadly even the one, true, Omnigamer sometimes let’s games fall through the crack. Fortunately an acquaintance of mine gave me this game free of charge – and people I never turn down a free game. Now I’ve played one other Dragon Quest game before back in the day, and I enjoyed it, but Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is, hands down, the best hand held RPG I’ve played in a good long while. I don’t want to ruin the finer details of the story for you all, but the game deals with angels, demons, ghosts, monsters, faith, destiny, death, love, and the digital artwork Akira Toriyama. And believe me, all that’s just scratching the surface, you can get lost in this game’s creation element, class blending, alchemy crafting, sub quests, and Multiplayer Co-Op. Best of all, since it’s three years old you can get it on the cheap – pricing as low as $9.99 I’ve checked. So yeah if your loved one got a 3DS, or even a DS and loves RPGs please make their Christmas and buy this game. Trust me; they’ll thank you for it.




Game Gifts of 2012 – Hawken


Ok people, I got a rule when it comes to game in an ‘Open Beta’: I don’t review them. See even though an open beta in nothing more than a final shake down to either test out the performance of a title under player numbers or entice people to play the final product once it comes out; a game during a beta, even an open one, still could get radical changes implemented into it before it’s all said and done. We here at the Video Game Armada don’t review an unfinished product; it’s like judging a pizza that’s not even cooked. However that being said I love the open beta of Hawken. Sadly there is simply not a lot of mech games anymore, and people I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t control a giant walking death machine armed to the teeth with mini guns and rockets. Thank my lucky stars Hawken brings the genre back to the masses –for free no less. A beautiful looking (well as beautiful as a dystopian landscapes of grays and browns is) FPS, that lets the metal fly online against other player mech fighters in four different modes. Not much story in game a la Team Fortress, but you won’t care as you get to blow up some guy from New Zealand with a flak cannon. Temped as you may be, don’t started playing this without the person you’re gifting it to. It’s just poor manners.




Game Gifts of 2012 – Star Wars: The Old Republic



For the next gift idea is, in my humble opinion, is a no brainner – Star Wars: The Old Republic. Why? Well let’s see: it has stellar personal stories for all the eight classes in the game, fanatic voice over work (and in a MMO no less), an impressive universe to explore, competitive PvP, HK-51, and now the best reason of all its free to play. I have no idea why anyone hasn’t played this game yet but now you have no excuses; on Christmas Day celebrate Life Day in a galaxy far, far away.