War of the Worlds: The Game – It’s about damn time

* Ybnem Vuum’c bucd baubma, tuh’d dyga drec caneuicmo. Ihmacc ouin punat, frelr E fyc frah E syta drec. Ahzuo! *

Street fighter IV, please.


GTA IV, drek.

Starcraft II, feed for pigs.

The newest game that will shake the gaming universe at it core is the 1898 masterpiece War of the Worlds: The Game.

It was like I was saying to my brother; “My brotha’!” I says “The people don’t read anymore all they care about youtube and porn! I tell ya! I wish they come out with a game that will educate the masses!”

Well like a gift from Miyamoto I got my wish because one of my spies on the inside told me that this momentous game was in the works by a new developer called Rickroll’d super tech. Their C.E.O. promised “Not to let us down…” Now – Now; I know what you all are saying: “Not another alien shooter!” and I agree, but that’s the genius of this War of the Worlds: The Game; it’s not a shooter – it’s a simulator. That’s right; you take the role of the radio director who made the epic broadcast in 1938 who fooled the general populous into believing aliens have actually landed on earth. This time though you the power of 21st century technologies like computers and sound machines on your side. I’m not quite sure how that’s possible but I’m sure it will work after the beta. Anyway your goal to whip the world into such a frenzy over aliens that the earth with launch a preemptive strike against the ‘real’ red menace: Mars. White at the same time beat your radio competitors before they make the people forget about your fake invasion. This is a can’t miss game, so relevant in our times. Anywho… This game will be available for every system, ever made including ‘The Phantom’ which should make Phantom Entertainment happy because I’ve haven’t seen 3rd party (or any)games on that system yet. I’ll keep you all inform with any latest up dates and with any luck this game will come out… never.

By the by, if your not fluent in Al Bhed use this translator to decode my sentence at the beginning.