Let’s Playthrough: Streets of Rage 4 (Part 3)

Hey! Those were our screen clears!








Let’s Playthrough: Streets of Rage 4 (Part 2)

Take 2…





Let’s Playthrough: Streets of Rage 4 (Part 1)

All the other beat’em ups were just training – now the real deal begins.




Let’s Play a Little: Final Fight


It seems apropo for this game to be the last one we play from the beat’em up bundle. Enjoy!





Let’s Play a Little: Captain Commando


CAPTAIN COMMANDO!!!! (in glorious broken anime voice)






Let’s Play a Little: Battle Circuit


Finally… BATTLE CIRCUIT (in glorious robot voice) is here!






Let’s Play a Little: Knights of the Round


Hail my friends! Are ready for a epic adventure of ye ole swords and sorcery! Where the great of Kings and Knights defeat the usurper horde and find the holy grail! You are? Well sit and stay while as I recite the tale of the Knights of the Round!