Product Placement – Mighty Wings


‘ellow people. Now I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a product placement review, but I have a reason. Video games cost money, and that’s all I got, but guess what I got something today: the new McDonald’s  ‘Mighty Wings’. That’s right; Mickey D continues its fast food dominance by moving further into the poultry. Today they released their first ever fried chicken option, with bones n’ everything. So being the connoisseurs of junk food supreme: Backlash, Blu and myself decided to order a bunch of mighty wings and see if they’re good enough to earn a combo slot or end up like the poor Mc.Rib – a sometimes food.




The Look:  They come in a box that looks like a xtra large version of the chicken mc nugget box, with the standard McDonald boilerplate pictures and quotes. Inside finds the pieces in question –wings & legs, all crisply. However they’re not full size wing & legs, rather ‘wing dings’, so they’re smaller than something you normally get from KFC.


The Taste: Crunchy to be sure, there’s a lot of layers of it all-round the pieces I ate. I finally got to the meat of the matter, it was good and a little juicy, but the crust overwhelmed it and may the pieces dry. Although Blu said letting the hot pieces ‘steam’ in the box made the pieces softer. Also the wings do come with sauce so I suggest you get it if you don’t want to wait for the steaming (I didn’t, so I used ketchup).   Finally – they’re surprising spicy, not melt your face off spicy, but still.


The After Effect: I got the ten piece deal (for evaluation purposes of course), Blu and Backlash got the five piece boxes. They finished they boxes, I didn’t, ate only seven. Though small, we’ve decided that they satisfied our hunger for wings and had appropriate level of grease for napkins.






Despite being smaller wings, a little dry and the price valve being a dollar a piece (the boxes come in 3, 5, & 10 pieces), they are good and do have a nice spicy kick to them. Depending of your hunger level they can be a quick snack or a full on meal. I see nothing but happy and fatter chicken lovers in the near-by future thanks to McDonalds and the Mighty Wings.





Mini Product Placement – Logitech ultra-thin iPad keyboard case

Logitech ultrathin


I would highly recommend this keyboard cover for folks using an iPad. I recently made a concerted effort to reduce the amount of weight I was carrying, decided to invest in a lighter keyboard cover. Found this product. Love it, I like the stylish aluminum that matches my native iPad, the front keyboard bezel was also available in colors, completing the look. This keyboard cover is not just looks, but also function. The keyboard is very important to me, for fast typing, even with long nails, I need to be able to have the comfort and accuracy of a laptop keyboard, this keyboard provides it for me. Also the keyboard rarely requires a charge and when it does, the keyboard connects through a USB to a PC/laptop and charges the included rechargeable battery very quickly and the charge lasts and lasts. Finally the protection, I now have confidence, if i carry my iPad to the office, in my purse, to a convention, to a class or just on my porch, I have the protection and the ability to convert to a viewing slant that allows me to comfortably go from out of my bag, to capturing or viewing every online meeting, video or taking quick notes, Go for it, I think you will like it too.


—-  Blu







Highly recommend this Keyboard Cover!!!  


What’s great about it: Light weight, protective, tactile keyboard, quick charge, provides full tilt view

What’s not so great: haven’t found a down side, it s bit pricey, but worth it

Video Game Armada’s top 5 Super Bowl Commercials 2013



Well this was quite a superbowl this year right? Power outages, secret hand signs to shadowy organizations, and nail biting ending? Yeah it was definitely more exciting than your average superbowl, which is more than I can say about the Commercials this year. I’ll be honest people, the only reason I watch the superbowl without my team playing is the entertaining commercials. Seriously why watch Football when you can sky crush players in the Crysis 3 beta. But hey the super bowl commercials are like best and the brightest of any commercial you would see normally because so many people are watching that superbowl. So they’re often flashy, impressive, funny, thought provoking, and all around awesome way to kill 90 seconds at a time. The Armada has even rated our favorites throughout the years, but this year, we only have five. I don’t know if it’s the economy fault or the fact that good ideas decided to take break this year but the majority of commercials were either tasteless, boring, or plain sucked. However we here at the Armada sifted through the garbage and found the ones worthy of being played over and over again because they’re great and, unlike their competition, actually made an effort. Enjoy:





5. E-Trade baby 2013



Well we all saw this one coming; the E-Trade baby is sort of the staple / mascot of SB commercials so not seeing him here would be weird. He’s only so low on the list because it not much of a thinking outside of the box type of commercial: he just explains the basics of finical fees while next to a pile of money. Well that’s not all the commercial does but it’s no ‘Milka what?!’





4. Morning Run



The Rock; world famous wrestler, semi-creditable movie star, and all-around entertaining guy. This time around his takes the role of good father as his three mutli-racial kids can’t eat their cereal because there is no in the house. So what’s the rock to do? Why chase down a milk truck while, at the same time, the world is suffering one problem after the next – will the rock get that darn milk truck? Let’s find out.







3. PSY’s Wonderful Pistachios



Ah PSY – will your crazy, hyper popularity never die. You dancing and then riding on a giant pistachio nut is still less weird than your actual Gangun Style music video, but in the same token just perfect for a Super Bowl Commercial, kudos.






2. Whisper Fight



Now that we know you would win in a fight between Goku vs. Superman (Thank you Death Battle), the next great conflict of our age has begun: which is the best part of an Oreo? Watch as a peaceful time at the library unfolds as this question is asked in ear shot.





1. Love Ballad



Well people M&M’s is quickly becoming the undefeated champions of Super Bowl Commercials, they took it last year and by gum they took in again this year. See in a previous commercial Red (the red M&M) found the love of his life, unfortunately she’s quite the chocoholic and only loves Red for his body. Red expresses is emotional conflict in song.




Product Placement – ‘Blk’ brand water



Alrighty then people, I’ve got a product here today that will generate the briefest product placement review in Video Game Armada history. Why? Because it’s a bottle of water; non-carbonated, non-favored water. So why am I reviewing it, because the liquid is as black as pitch, hence why it’s called ‘Blk’ (take it away Linkara). Of course the bottle says it has fulvic trace minerals, higher pH alkaline, and all that; but what that translates to is just black water. So are you ready? Here we go.





The Look:  Looks like dyed water.



The Taste: Tastes like regular bottle water.



The After Effect: Comes out as normal urinated water.




The Verdict



And that’s it, I told you all that this going to be quick. Once you get over the fact that the water is such a deep black color (it’s almost looks like oil) and drink it – it’s just water. Do yourself a favor, save the $2.00 dollars a drink water at home. If you feel the need to drink water and want to pay for it buy Perrier, it’s the Cadillac of bottle water people and that’s a Boss Bronze guarantee.






Product Placement – Angry Birds Fruit Gummies


Ah Angry Birds, I remember back in 2009 where on a c|net podcast called the original Angry Birds game was the funniest game for a 99c. Well I said: “Oh yeah? I got a dollar, let’s do this!” Many weeks later of playing, getting three stars and finding all the golden eggs; I found that Angry Birds was a keeper. Soon after the world at large caught the Angry Birds fever and been that way ever since. These feathered projectiles war with rancid suidaes has spawned many different products from toys and books to movie tie-ins and even candy. Angry Birds Fruit Gummies to be exact; which is what I’m going to review today, because after the feast of Hot Pockets I could use a little desert.

The Look:  The box is green because it is the one with the Angry Birds’ arch rivals on it: the Green Pigs. The box also has the familiar Angry Birds words (complete with font) on it, along with all the fruit favors inside. Of course they have the standard snacky boiler plate information: Fat Free, made with real fruit juice, follow us on twitter, that sort of thing. Inside the box the bag (where the candy is actually in) is white with the Angry Birds words on it – neat. Now the actual candies do sorta look like the characters they’re portraying, but do they tasty?



The Taste: Not bad. Chewy, but not that sticky. The favors: cherry, lemon, raspberry, grape, and strawberry all taste as they should. Apple – not so much. I wouldn’t call it filling but hey its gel candies.


The After Effect: After putting away about 7 to 14 of these bad boys I am starting to feel a little sugar rush. There is also some after taste on the tongue but other than that, no change.



The Verdict

The Angry Birds Fruit Gummies are tasty and good, but such candies are – no matter who’s face is on it. What I mean is that Fruit Gummies are usually the same and the only difference between brands is what they look like; whether it’s from simple basic shapes to familiar characters. As such, there’s nothing that sets these gummies apart from the rest. I mean them shaped as the furious feathered ones are neat, but my belly doesn’t care about that. So that’s that, if you see them in a store and are hungry give them a try – just don’t go out your way for them.



Product Placement – Hot Pockets brand Limited Edition – Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake


Time for the last Limited Edition Hot Pockets Product Placement: Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake. I’ll admit I’m excited, the Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza was not only tasty, but hoo-boy, was it spicy – not an exaggerated claim in the slightest. So whatever a ‘Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake’ is going to taste like, it should be delicious. And without further ado:


The Look:  Yeah. This is another limited edition hot pocket so the box has ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on it like before, and still looks like dirty pizza crust. You all know the drill; let’s get to the good part.



The Taste: Ah… Deliziosa, cremosa, e con tutti i sapori grassetto circa! Sorry I lapsed into Italian there for a minute. This is a very filling Hot Pocket with some gourmet favors in it. There is definitely parmesan cheese in this, garlic (duh), some Italian seasonings, alfredo sauce (I think) and pasta shells (again duh). The ends are a little harder than your usual pocket, but doesn’t ruin the dining experience in the slightest.



The After effect: Satisfied





The Verdict


Yes people we have another winner. While the Spicy Hawaiian is bold and in your face; the Pasta Bake is smooth and elegant with a type of taste that so sophisticated I feel like I should be eating it under candle light. I have no doubt that if you chopped this up a little bit and served this at an Italian bistro no one would know that under the hood it’s a Hot Pocket. Well fokes this concludes this battery of tests for the ‘Limited Edition’ Hot Pockets. I deem both the Spicy Hawaiian and the Pasta Bake a success and should be part of the general line up of Hot Pockets.


However if this turns out to be one of those truly limited time only deals I suggest you go down to your local Target (or where ever) and take your taste buds on a journey. You won’t regret it.




Product Placement – Hot Pockets brand Limited Edition – Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza


I like Hot Pockets people, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all – even the Lean Pockets. So when I’ve found out there was two Limited Edition Hot Pockets I have yet to try – I decided to rectify that. What’s more? I’m going to review them and see if they should be something to be added to the main line up or be destroyed like those putrid Mountain Dew flavors a couple years back.



The Look:  The box itself is just like any Hot Pocket box you’ve ever come a crossed with: showing the food, the laughable Nutrition Facts (but I still love you anyway) and so forth. The only difference is that this box has ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on it, so you know it’s important. As for the look of the actual hot pockets, well, they always looked like dirty pizza crust and this one’s no different. But hey, hot pockets aren’t pretty, they’re delicious! So let’s take a bite…



The Taste: Interesting… There’s a slight sweetness to this (discovered pineapple chunks in here, well this is Hawaiian Style Pizza here. Oh, and they live up to that spicy on the box too. My month and tongue are pretty fired up now.


*drinks water*


Wasn’t expecting that. Yes, I know it’s on the box but come on how many things on boxes for $2.50 are actually true as advertised. At most I was expecting a light heat on the taste buds. Shows what I know.  Not bad Hot Pockets, not bad.



The After effect: After eating my spicy hot pocket chunks (with water chasers) I feel the spiciness all the way down to my gullet. It’s a nice, hardy feeling.





The Verdict



Well as far as Hot Pockets go the Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza is indeed one spicy number. I’m still feeling the burn from the residue in my teeth. Honestly, I’m not big fan of super spicy stuff (because I’m such a cool-cat, heh) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like this – on the contrary it’s an excellent addition to the Pockets line up. In fact if I was a professional fire breather I would consider this the best food on the planet. So yeah, delicious, filling, and if you drink ‘Franks RedHot Sauce’ straight out of the bottle this Hot Pocket is for you. Even if you don’t try it anyway, just have a pitcher of water on stand by.



Not an exact recreation of my reaction to the Spicy Hawaiian Hot Pocket, but pretty close.

Product Placement – Doritos Locos Taco

Ah Doritos. Everyone has eaten them and has gotten there T-Shirts stained with the battle damage of consuming them. Video Game Armada has commented on more than one occasion on the awesomeness of Doritos:  Late Night all-nighter cheeseburger and various other topics of said nature including Taco Bell’s promotion of a Taco whose shell is made from sweet nacho cheese Doritos. In the past this variation was only available in select areas, but now it’s available to all (yay) and I’m going to review today because it’s a taco wrap in a Doritos shell – there’s no way I’m passing that up. Let us begin.







The Look:  It looks like a standard Crunchy Taco Supreme taco with two minor differences: one is that the actual taco is covered with a sleeve with the blatant logo of the ‘Doritos Nacho Cheese’ bag on it. The other is that the taco shell has the familiar shade nacho cheese orange that is no stranger to the Doritos fans.



The Taste: (Full disclosure: Since I had a pretty big meal I couldn’t eat this the day I bought it, which was yesterday. As such, this might taste different reheated in the microwave than fresh from the drive thru. Never the less…) This is not bad, I can taste the Doritos certainly but it is not a strong as eating Doritos from the bag (this could be again because this was not a fresh Taco). The rest is very taco-y and thus very tasty, even if it’s a little stuck together on the sleeve and warmed over.




The After effect: Admittedly, this let me unfulfilled. My taste buds may have been pleased, but my stomach is not; its asking “Is that it?”




The Verdict


It was good, but a small thing. Compared to their massively delicious ‘Triple Steak Stack’ (no longer available sad to say) the Doritos Locos Taco is downright puny. You’ll need the meal just to feel like you’ve eaten something. Also there was no ‘crunch’ in my Taco; again is could be because I didn’t eat the same time I ordered it, but I think a food stuffs that are crunchy should still stay crunchy – even in milk (metaphor). Now all that being said I did like the Doritos Locos Taco, and if it’s still available in the future I’ll be sure to order it. But then with the meal and I’ll eat it fresh.






What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – Zack Ryder Baseball cap



Ok broskis the next Christmas gift we got is a bit more practical but still smacks of awesomeness – the Zack Ryder Baseball cap. Now a little backstory; Zack Ryder is a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but he was under rated and destined for obscurity – that is until he used the power of the internet to change is fortunes. I’m serious, he’s been doing a once a week show on youtube that has gained a following so massive that it propelled him to stardom in the organization (and the show is not even a year old yet!). As such all sorts of new merch has been created and I have one of the newest ones; but is it worth the extra Christmas rush pricing?



The Look: The colors are black, orange, and purple – a scheme that usually reserved for Pimp M.O.D.O.K. For the hat however it works, on the front is a funky jagged Z with a jagged spike through the middle. On the back has one simple yet proud statement: Broski. The ‘O’ on the word is shaped like a diamond with the Z spike inside of it as well.


The Operation: You apply directly to the top part of head.


The Result: It protects your eyes from the sun, keeps your head moderately warm and as an added bonus – looks cool.





The Verdict



This hat makes proud to be a Broski! It’s unique but not the eye catcher you would expect. Comfortable and has a nice embedded rim all the way around, no need to play around with the size tabs on the back. Finally it’s just a good gift; I would have been satiated with an Antonio Spurs cap but this much better.




What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – Pop Phone the ‘Retro’ handset


Welcome back to another Product Placement review, what Santa brought me edition; and people if you liked the X-treme Geek USB Fridge when you’re going to lose your mind for this next geek based toy: the Pop Phone from Naïve Union. Why? Because if you can believe this, it is even more geeky cool (and even less complex) than the micro, one item, refrigerator powered by a USB.



The Look: It is a very blue old school telephone receiver, complete with an old school swirly cord and at the end a standard headphone jack (3.5 mm). The box is very minimalist with only three colors (white, grey, and blue) and the rest just text describing what this thing is.


The Operation: What this thing is – is a really geeky, nuevo (yet retro), handset. Not only can you hear out the thing, but you can talk into it too.  Just plug it in and go to town.


The Result: It works plain and simple. You can hear clearly and speak through the receiver without anyone (on the other end) telling the difference.




The Verdict



This item was clearly made for the use of the new age of super cell phones; I can’t imagine anyone using this thing for iPods. However knowing that fact right off, the show off possibilities are endless. Just think; you put this in your backpack with your cell, someone calls and you pull out the pop phone and start talking with it. People will look and wonder – you just give’em look that says “I just went there.” Brilliant. Heck this thing is even useable on Skype, so if you get a call on your comp no need to break out your mic – just plug this in a talk with style. I’m serious try this on the bus or an internet café; you’ll never get the same reaction twice.