Reviewer’s Review – Atop the Fourth Wall


Wow, three years since I’ve done this segment, it’s all dusty and everything… Truth be told I had no need to do anymore because the internet provides so many topics. Well today I was inspired to do another Reviewer’s Review on one Lewis Lovhaug also unknown as Linkara of ‘Atop the Fourth Wall’. Now I’m probably preaching to the choir over here, but for the people who don’t know Atop the Fourth is a both part independent blog and review videos dealing with the comic book universe and on occasion the nerd culture. His reviews are great because not only do they inform the viewers of the small, detailed, intricacies of comic books; but entertain them will smart jokes, witty observations, and of course pop culture references. True Backlash and myself watch him every week. What really sets him apart from the crop is that from time to time his introduces his own created characters and story lines that are, quite frankly, fun to watch.  So your probably thinking: ‘Why sing his praises now when he’s been doing this for years?’ Answer 1) because I’m lazy & answer 2)  because his latest comic book review really put his awesomeness over the top;  Game Boy #1. If there anything we’re big on here at Video Game Armada, it’s Video Games. So here’s to Mr. Lovhaug for doing an excellent job and for making internet a lot more fun (and a little less disgusting).



Visit his blog: Atop the Fourth Wall

And his blip videos like the one above.

We are 2005’s disappoint in G.I.’s eyes – Time to go to work (Reviewer’s Review)


You know, sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to write about next, so for a little help I cruse the internet and turn to gaming mags for some inspiration. Luckily I found direction for my rage in the form of Game Informer Magazine, Issue 153. In the section entitled “Top 10 Disappointment of 2005”, the number 5 slot was:

“You(meaning the general gaming public) – Great games come out every year that the general gaming population doesn’t latch on to, and lack of sales means less experimentation and evolution in the pastime we all love so much. Get out there and buy what’s good, support what you love, and give weird a chance.”

Ah… It’s moments like this the V.G.A. was made for. Generally I have no complains about their Magazine, they have good features and a simple reviewing style. However this statement above is so full of it, that I had no choice but to express myself logically and show whoever wrote this P.o.S. to get off their smarmy high horse, all at the same time.

Now I understand that the staff there plays 5 or even 10 times more games over the normal gamer. They have first crack at find new, neat little games such “Psychonauts” or “Shadow of the Colossus”. The problem is that the average gamer does not have that opportunity; your jobs ties in to “the pastime we all love so much” but people who at Sears or McDonald’s 8 hours a day may not want to go to nearest game store, buy 5 unknown game titles and do little “experimentation” after a hard day’s work of flipping heart stoppers. No that’s just not how it works in real life.

Ok, they’ll probably say to me now: “That’s no excuse, what about a rental place or GameFly?” True enough, but any gamer worth anything knows that most rental places sucks for video games; no selection, annoying fees, and having to the thing back, no thank you. Then there’s GameFly; an excellent, reasonable video game resource, but between the fact that it’s still relatively unknown, and that they send the games through the mail, which takes two business days (that’s four days in real time, not including weekends). It’s almost easier to deal with the local rental places.

What really gets me puppy-kicking mad is the fact someone actually had the nerve to say “buy what’s good” when what’s good is all a matter of preference. For example if somebody who has the extra $50 to buy a game had the choice between and game that looked like a 5 year old made it while on a sugar fix or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 which one would they pick? Short Answer: RSV2! Why? Because it is what’s good you freakin smart asses, even though it’s not the new kid on the block anymore, look at Mario he’s been around for 20+ years still cranking out excellent games people love. I am truly sorry that unique and fun games sometimes fall through the cracks (To this day I still love Mischief Makers for the N64) but don’t blame us for not having same opportunities and resources that allows gamers like yourselves to play cool games, and for free no less. So if you want us to “give weird a chance” then buy the general gaming populous their own copy of Psychonauts, we wouldn’t mind. So that’s about it; I know you chumps said something about the Alliance from World of Warcraft, but I’m going to let that one slide. However as  Steven Colbert would say “Game Informer – You’ve been put on notice…”

Reviewer’s Review – Zero Punctuation


So I was watching ‘X-Play’ to catch myself up on the latest gaming word. Sometimes they do segments on the show where they invite those in the industry and talk about the latest game they’re developing. On these times of the show I couldn’t find any more boring. Why? Because they don’t really do anything to hype up the game, they describe the game’s features in a mono-tone ‘reading the manual’ type a way. Take this ‘Hands on: Starcraft II’ as an example. Is it just me or was this not worth the time recorded,

‘Oooo… The Zerg can dig now, scary. The Queen Zerg *is* a threat, well didn’t see that one coming.’

Anyway, on other occasions they bring in someone of true note like Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw; creator of a ‘Zero Punctuation’- a unique game reviewing video with a style as subtle as blowtorch. At first when I saw the few minutes of his work on x-play I thought:

“Great! Another angry, self-important, brit trying to tell me what’s-what’s! Pass on that.”

Admittedly I did chuckle on what I saw but in the long run I thought he was all mouth, and no substance. As the weeks went on though they kept presenting previews of Zero Punctuation so I figured enough’s enough. I decided to go to their website, ‘The Escapist’, and watch a complete episode for myself. Well I’m sad to say not only is Zero Punctuation is good, it probably the most brutally honest game reviewer I’ve ever seen (sorry ‘X-Play’).

Behind his arrogant, tactless, enema-like analyzation of a game, hides a brilliant understanding of said game. Gives credit where credit is due, but clearly draws attention to where a game fails; such as a game being over hyped in the eyes of the industry or when a current game’s play style have been done before, and sometimes even better, by games in the past (Bioshock ala System Shock). Wrap this underline genius under humor with language I can only describe as Cartman-ese and strangely enough you got yourself a winner. A shame though – I enjoy putting the opinionated smackdown as I see fit, but I can’t in this case because every video I’ve saw so far has been spot on in both humor and reviews.

I maybe tough, but I’m fair.

So congrats Croshaw, you walk out of here still the champ, but now you got my attention so it ‘s zero tolerance for Zero Punctuation. What you bring to the table, I expect you’ll keep.