Become a Microhero today!

We did, and so can you!

True Backlash; the One Man Bureaucracy, the Trivia King, and the Armada’s own living database, is a gentleman of many talents. We all know of his listing abilities and his entertaining tribute videos in True Backlash presents; but he is also an artist, a Mircohero artist. Mircoheroes are pixelated version of characters; most people make Mircoheroes out of superheroes (of course) while others create original characters. Our man Backlash, well he does it all. In fact his skills with a digital colorized bit brush are so good; he gets requests constantly to make Mircoheroes for them – and now you can too. Just go to True Backlash’s Deviant Account and work out a deal! His rates are excellent, and you’ll never look better.

Happy belated ‘Talk like a Pirate’ Day – Batten down the hatches, me hearties!

Hello lasses an’ lads, on Sept 19th ‘t be `’Talk like a Pirate’ Day (look it up). Unfortunately I thought ‘t be today, looks like I missed ou’ – or did I? As bein’ Captain o’ th’ Armada, I officially declare Sept 20th ‘’Talk like a Pirate Day 2’! Fer them mates who couldn’t get enough an’ th’ other scallywags (like me self) who miss’t last high tide’ aarrghh… This be nay hornswoggle buckos, throughout th’ entire tide Armada posts be in our salty language – under threat o’ tastin’ me cat or walkin’ th’ plank. So enjoy, enjoy shipmates & privateers all, th’ first round o’ Grog be on me! Har har har!

Oh, and happy belated  Software Freedom Day, now don’t get arrested now arrr.

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