Gaming Confidence

Ladies and Gentlemen, a question if you will. Have you ever lost your gaming confidence? Thought one day, you’re not as good as you once was? It’s happens to us all one way or another, myself included. I’ve always been very good with video games; and always took pride in that. Back in the day, my neighborhood didn’t have strong gaming community so I never have many people to play with. So when one of my best friends wanted to learn how to play Street Fighter, I was quite happy. For that summer I taught him everything I knew about the game and then some; he caught on quickly and before long we were having the memorable matches I always wanted. As time went by I progressed to newer games while all my other older games were left to get dusty; I mean what did I care, I beat them after all. And every so often when my friend came over we played the latest fighter and have close back and forth matches like we had for years. However recently when I and my friend played Alpha 3 or Street Fighter vs. SNK would be on the losing side of our battles. As they when on it would get so bad that no matter what tactic I would use, or move I would make I would lose like a first timer. Sure I would win by lucky break once in a while, but it annoyed the hell out of me that I could only win 1 out of 50. I was P.O.’ed for weeks, and as those losses started to add up I was starting to question my skills so I asked my brother. He told me that the only reason why my friend was beating me in classical fighters is that those are the games he plays the most. He also added that I so many play other games that I don’t play like Street Fighter anymore so I don’t keep my game up. He was right. The next time he was over we played a few shooters and Smash Brothers; it was him who got his ass handed to him that day. So much so that he begged to play a Street Fighter game. Hey, even greatness needs a shot of ego every in a once in a while. My friend these days is now in Cali making his way in the world, but we still keep in touch. Anyway, I love to win, but losing so much to one of my best friends almost killed my love for the game. My advice to those in that situation, and don’t have a brother as smart as mine, don’t freak, it’s only a game. Losing to others, and the game itself, is part the experience. Try different games and find something new. Or for something really radical, take a break, there’s more to life than games (and yes, I just said that). I myself enjoy a little history on my down time, just not competitively.