Targeted Game – Dead Rising 3



The only good zombie fiction is the zombie fiction that allows you to kill waves upon waves of unlucky undead meatbags – no unnecessary drama, no pretentiousness, just survival fun. And thank the good lord we get a new Dead Rising game to show people how’s it done. Set ten years after DR2 the world still seems to have a slight zombie problem, and the player’s new main character is right in the middle of it. Like Chuck Greene, Nick Ramos is somewhat a gearhead and can create and customize his own weapons and even vehicles. Good thing too because thanks to the processing power of the Xbox One the world of Dead Rising will be larger than ever – and nearly every square inch of it will be covered with zombies. You all better shock up on duct tape because when November comes around and the undead hordes are unleashed again that circular saw and sledgehammer ain’t going to put themselves together.