This just in (Or not): NX reveal – The Nintendo Switch




I dream come true for gamers, a nightmare for the competition – Nintendo next console is revealed, and its name is Switch.






I AM BATMAN telling you the news


Ok this has got to stop!

This just in (Or not): Fallout 4’s first DLC – Automatron

Come on now, I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed that Codsworth was our robot companion in Fallout 4. I mean he’s cool for giving me water, but his combat abilities in the wasteland are garbage compared to even the rustiest Protectron. Well thanks to the Automatron DLC we can have the death machine of our dreams!

This just in (Or not): Kylo Ren goes… Undercover!


What does Star Wars, Undercover Boss, and SNL have in common? Normally nothing but today a great deal.

This just in (Or not): More than meets the eye, Splatoon will represent robots in disguise.



So what does Nintendo’s Splatoon and Hasbro’s Transformers have in common, other than changing shape? They wage war against each other, although with Splatoon is all in good fun while with the Transformers not so much. Well on August 28 at 9 PM PDT the two worlds become one (sort of) in this month’s Splatfest. As per usual players sign up of for one side or another (Cat v Dog, Roller-coaster vs Watersides, Hot Dog vs Marshmallow were the past competitions), get a team shirt, and for a set amount of time you fight for the side you picked. If your side wins you get upgrade mats, if you don’t you at least get exp and money, so it always worth your time to join (fun too). However the fact that this time around you get to pick either the heroic Autobots or the villainous Decepticon to represent will make this the greatest Splatfest ever! Now people you know I always aim for the good guys – however for me I always liked the cons so what can I say but see you all on the field of splatter on the 28th. Decepticons forever!




This just in (Or not) – Destiny next expansion: The Taken King


With everyone still on a House of Wolves high (four weeks now) Bungie isn’t resting until Destiny lives up to the epic name. The next expansion, named ‘The Taken King’, will be a massive DLC that will feature more story missions, more strikes (yes, strikes, with an ‘s’), a raid, new PvP locations, and finally new subclasses. Warlocks brings arc damage storms, Hunters goes old school with void damage bows & arrows, and my class, the Titan, will make the enemies feel the burn with solar hammers. The big bad is Crota daddy – Oryx. Obliviously not happy with the fact of one dead son at the hands of the guardians, he’s coming to get us with his army known as the Taken. Whether it’s a new enemy type or an elite hive unit I don’t care, as long as I can punch them in the face (or smash them now with a hammer) I’m ok. The only downside to this DLC is that it doesn’t feature my favorite army of darkness, the Cabal. Before the title reveal the code name was Comet for the expansion, so I thought it was obliviously a Cabal themed DLC because only they would destroy the earth by throwing a giant rock at it. Oh well maybe next time – The Taken King will release September 2015.





This just in (Or not) – E3 2015 schedule



Yes people it’s almost that time again, the greatest convergence of gaming since my house in 1992: Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short (but you already knew that). This year will be a year of firsts for in addition of the big three (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) and the triple A machines (Electronic Arts & Ubisoft) having press conferences; newcomers to E3 Bethesda, Square Enix, and PC gaming show (by PC Gamer and AMD) will have their own press conferences as well. Will they unleash the next stage of gaming evolution or fall flat? Will they defeat last year’s champ (Nintendo) or will their  E3 transmission this year blow us all away again? Tune in and watch it for yourselves – or watch our Let’s Watch reactions of every conference either way you can’t go wrong.






June 14 at 7:00pm -PDT-


June 15 at 9:30am  -PDT-


June 15 at 1:00pm  -PDT-


June 15 at 3:00pm  -PDT-


June 15 at 6:00pm -PDT-

nintendo_headerJune 16 at 9:00am -PDT-


June 16 at 10:00am -PDT-


June 16 at 5:00pm -PDT-

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