Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 1



Today people is a red letter day! We have a new CYOA book from Delight Game – but! It is a story that returns us to the world of Wizard Choice! In Rouge’s Choice, you play as that, a rouge. A man who only has the clothes on his back and two gold coins to rub together who just arrived at the Ring City. A stranger is this town only becomes a dead man, so in this first volume you’ll need money, information and possibly friends. While this section (and all future sections) of Rouge’s Choice is rather short, it is, by far, the most difficult CYOA walk-through series to date. So people if you choose different answers outside what the walk-through states, then you’re going to be at risk. Then again, risky business is the rouge’s M.O. so go accordingly.




Buy them a round

Harder stuff

Play straight

Buy the best

Let it slide

Pay a compliment

Compliment the redhead’s voice

Be honest

Let it slide

Attempt to pickpocket

Try for a duet

Stay gentlemanly



Do not ask a question



Make the payment



There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 3)



We finish the story mode of the DLC is this installment, but don’t worry, the real game has only just begun.









Armada’s E3 picks: Gears of War (Gears) 4 (2016)


Ah big guns, big guys (plus medium women), and horde modes a plenty – it must be Gears of War time again. Now the E3 trailer was intentionally mysterious having two people, maybe COG soldiers – maybe not, hunting for something and end up fighting a new enemy type: the Pouncer. It was graphically impressive but sadly nothing in the way of stories or characters. Heck the only thing we know for sure is their names (JD & Kait), everything else is in the either right now. Fortunately Gears is not a series dependent on stellar storytelling or complex characters but rather how fast you can reduce an enemy squad into red mist via bullets, chainsaw bayonet, and hammer of dawning. More info soon to come, but for now stay hyped, for a non-prequel gears game is on the way.







Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Destiny


It’s been four months since Destiny released to a console wide market and not only are they still hittin and holding, but they just released their first expansion, The Dark Below, adding more fun to a game that’s already a woot to play. Now sure the game’s not perfect and there are haters (there’s always haters); but if you like shooting things, sci-fi themes, powers, and a multicolor loot rarity system (even just a little) then you’re going to play Destiny and not stop for a while. It’s just a fun game – and if you need to get the gamer in your life a nice fun game then it’s your destiny to get Destiny for that person. Seriously return that Call of boredom: Advanced Waste-timer and pick up Destiny; they’ll thank you for it when they next stop playing it in a week.




Sweet Christmas: Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes



Ok people some really real honesty here: Hearthstone is not very christmasy, nor is Hearthstone a very fair game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good game, but if you don’t shell out the bingatude and/or aren’t very lucky you’ll find the game a very frustrating experience. That being said once I saw the trailer for their latest update, Goblins vs Gnomes, it made me re-download the game and try my luck – which was still lame because of my lack of rares in my deck. Still! The trailer is awesome and now my new ringtone, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m posting it as a Christmas gift to all the Armada elite out there. No matter what side you’re on (Gnomes FTW), or if it convinces you to play Hearthstone, life is a little better for the mere existence of this trailer. Enjoy!






Movie Review: Expendables 3


Ah – guns, grit, explosions, and all my favorite 90’s action heroes. It’s either my birthday or a new Expendables is out. Since its not February here’s our review of Expendables 3.




Traier-Rama: Peanuts The Movie, Big Screen Debut


Trending in the Hulu #1 slot is the new first release of the Peanuts The Movie trailer. People are talking and all a buzz about the Peanuts gang coming to life in 3D, so rich and colorful, you can count the hairs on Charlie Brown’s head and get the feel of Snoopy’s fur.


This is really going to be something the many fans who read the Charles M Shulz’ Peanuts comic strip, are excited to see in 3D. According to Flixster 96% of the people polled can’t wait to see it. At the height of creator Shulz career, the comic, was seen in over 2,600 papers, in 21 languages and in over 75 countries.


In the 50 years the comics ran, there were over 18,000 Peanuts strips produced. Between the comics and the endorsements, such as games, toys, cartoons etc, yielding just over $1 Billion per year, now to add to that enterprise, the movie.


The director is Steve Martino, his works include other cartoon in 3D, such as Ice Age: Continental Drift and Dr Seuss’ Horton Has a Who.


Though Shulz died in 2000 at age 77, he has created a legacy in the lovable characters that make of the Peanuts gang. Wrapped in humor and satire, and now on the Big Screen in 3D, we can all take in the rich and I am sure entertaining little folks and lovable pets in 3D beginning November 2015.


Check out the trailer below, just a teaser for the fun to come!



– Blu