Non-issue issue: Hayden Christensen might be in the next Star Wars films

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“Deal with it.”


With only 81 days until the release of the next Star Wars film, Episode VII, people are getting an excited and the rumors are starting to fly. One rumor in particular is getting the loudest minority all up in arms: Hayden Christensen maybe returning to the Star Wars series in the new movies. To quote Obi-Wan to match the internet’s overblown reaction to the rumor: “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror-“. People, really, this is a non-issue issue. Hayden Christensen’s role of Anakin Skywalker (pre Darth Vader) wasn’t the best, but it was far from the worst. Like the prequel movies themselves, Anakin was the origin story of Darth Vader they got, not the one they wanted. But people, he couldn’t be born force choking noobs and terrorizing the galaxy right out he gate. There had to be a reason why he was so malicious and almost inhuman inside and out in the original movies. The prequels did a good job not only showing how messed up Anakin life is and was (slave, mother was a slave, used by Jedi, used by Sith, in love but wasn’t allow in the order, hid his marriage, manipulated emotionally to do horrible things, turned into a cyborg, then died), but also a perfect example of how the road to hades is paved on good intentions. So people, whether the rumors are true or not, please let this non-issue issue go – it’s really not worth all the hate.


Armada’s E3 picks: Gears of War (Gears) 4 (2016)


Ah big guns, big guys (plus medium women), and horde modes a plenty – it must be Gears of War time again. Now the E3 trailer was intentionally mysterious having two people, maybe COG soldiers – maybe not, hunting for something and end up fighting a new enemy type: the Pouncer. It was graphically impressive but sadly nothing in the way of stories or characters. Heck the only thing we know for sure is their names (JD & Kait), everything else is in the either right now. Fortunately Gears is not a series dependent on stellar storytelling or complex characters but rather how fast you can reduce an enemy squad into red mist via bullets, chainsaw bayonet, and hammer of dawning. More info soon to come, but for now stay hyped, for a non-prequel gears game is on the way.



 – March (2015)


Let’s March off this month with some nice video game tracks! – February (2015)



February, the month of love, and do you know what we love? Video Game music of course! Enjoy!



Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Destiny


It’s been four months since Destiny released to a console wide market and not only are they still hittin and holding, but they just released their first expansion, The Dark Below, adding more fun to a game that’s already a woot to play. Now sure the game’s not perfect and there are haters (there’s always haters); but if you like shooting things, sci-fi themes, powers, and a multicolor loot rarity system (even just a little) then you’re going to play Destiny and not stop for a while. It’s just a fun game – and if you need to get the gamer in your life a nice fun game then it’s your destiny to get Destiny for that person. Seriously return that Call of boredom: Advanced Waste-timer and pick up Destiny; they’ll thank you for it when they next stop playing it in a week.




Sweet Christmas: Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes



Ok people some really real honesty here: Hearthstone is not very christmasy, nor is Hearthstone a very fair game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good game, but if you don’t shell out the bingatude and/or aren’t very lucky you’ll find the game a very frustrating experience. That being said once I saw the trailer for their latest update, Goblins vs Gnomes, it made me re-download the game and try my luck – which was still lame because of my lack of rares in my deck. Still! The trailer is awesome and now my new ringtone, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m posting it as a Christmas gift to all the Armada elite out there. No matter what side you’re on (Gnomes FTW), or if it convinces you to play Hearthstone, life is a little better for the mere existence of this trailer. Enjoy!






Super Smash Bros is live!



Well people if there’s one game that will make me stop playing Dragon Age Inquisition, albeit briefly, it is this: Finally… Super Smash Brothers, have come back to home consoles! Yes, watch the most iconic figures in video games beat themselves senseless for fun, for glory, for our amusement, for the last piece of pizza, for anything. For the people who bought the 3DS version of this game not only do you get all your hard work put toward the Wii U version, but you’ll also have first dibs access to Mewtwo once he shows himself. That’s right the genetic super psychic is coming and you definitely want him on your team. So do you have what it takes to send DK flying, go toe to toe with Mario, out gun Samus; then prove it – settle it in Smash!