Inquiring about the Inquisition: The Inquisition is here!


Happy Inquisition Day! That’s right people the day we’ve (well mostly me) been waiting for is finally here! Right now I’m playing the crap out of this game; I’m not sure if I’ll do a Let’s Play of DA:I or not but I’ll be playing this game throughout the rest of the year (only to stop to eat, sleep, work, and play smash). Now I know yesterday I said I was tired talking about this game and not playing it; however now that I am playing it’s only prudent to show videos that help players (like myself) get started on the good foot. And with that here’s tips on Dragon Age Inquisition straight from the horse’s mouth.





Inquiring about the Inquisition: Final Prep Videos

A World Asunder


Well people I hope you enjoyed your six hours of alone time with Dragon Age Inquisition, I know I did! The sad thing is it when too quickly; good thing we only got one more day to wait! So here are the most recent videos about DA Inquisition to get yourself mentally prepared. One video gives an abridged back story of the events leading to Inquisition, another one is the final Q & A from the creators, and the last videos are a series that show’s the game multiplayer in action. Trust me people, there are more DA:I content available than the stuff I’ve highlighted. You can watch them at your leisure here & here; but in all honestly I tire of reading, watching, and hearing about it – it is time to start playing the dream. And we can do so in one. more. day.



Dragon Age Keep Q&A






Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer

Inquiring about the Inquisition: The War Table & the Commanders


Now that you got the tour of the keep it’s time to see how the Inquisition earns its power. Sure you’re doing the important work of saving the world, but without the Inquisition you’re just another wandering hero and that won’t cut it. In order to empower the Inquisition all of Thedas must learn to either respect or fear them, and that’s where the War Table & the Commanders come in. Through the War Table you spread your influence and the commanders see your orders are done – in their own way. Watch the videos to learn more.



Part 2




Part 3





Inquiring about the Inquisition: Skyhold


Not to much longer now people it’s almost here. You know, when running your own organization dedicated to solve why the sky ripped open and started to puke out demons, you need a place to hang your hat. That’s where Skyhold comes in; it will be the nerve center of the Inquisition, your impregnable fortress, a hang out for your crew, and most importantly something you can customize to your harts content. After all if you’re going to save the world, your pad’s got to look good, otherwise no one’s going to take your clandestine group seriously.


Part 2






Inquiring about the Inquisition: Play the game EARLY!!!! (For Xbox One only)

EA Access


That’s right people, you read right, you can play Dragon Age Inquisition early before anyone else. See EA access, available on Xbox One only, is an $5 a month service that allows players to play some EA games on demand like  Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, and Battlefield 4. However they also allow subscribers to demo upcoming games, five days early, for six hours; and guess which upcoming game is also under the EA umbrella and is awesome and gets awesomer every day? You know which game.  Now people I know some of you are griping about paying for the service to get early hands on play. But you what, it’s only five dollars… You can lose more money ordering from McDonalds, not even including taxes; all you have to do is buy it for the demo and cancel after the game’s release (which is what I’m going to do – unless you like the service then keep it). Stop choking the wallet and invest in happiness, you’ll thank me later.




Inquiring about the Inquisition: Dragon Age – The Last Court


Update 11/10/14: The Last Court is up now, go play


Oh man, as if on cue, the flood of Dragon Age goodies have hit the net – in force. Maybe BioWare heard of my hyping of the game before launch or maybe Santa thought I was an extra special good this year and gave me some presents early, whatever I’m just  glad they’re making my job easier. Dragon Age: The Last Court is part & parcel of Dragon Age Keep, but focuses on the months before the Inquisition starts. It’s a text adventure story where you, either a male Scholar or a female hunter, are a new ruler of Serault; a down on its luck place needing a good leader to turn it around. In perfect Dragon Age fashion can make choices that could put Serault back on the Orlesian map – or mark its doom. I could explain more about The Last Court (heck there are already spoiler videos for it already), but it’s not released to the general public yet so changes could  happen, unlikely, but still. However with Inquisition so close to release date I don’t believe we have to wait long before a finalized Last Court to appear. Stay tuned.




Inquiring about the Inquisition: Character Creation


A lot of players spend a great deal of time getting the look of their avatar just right, me included, seriously I won’t even start a game until my game character looks like me to the best of the software’s ability (the games I always play seem to have the worst difficulty getting high yellow black dude skin quite right – work on that developers). Anyway DA character creation for Inquisition looks extremely extensive and will be open to all genders and races so you can go crazy. Don’t worry it’s not all dress up with cyber dolls, there some gameplay too. Enjoy!



Part 2



Part 3






Inquiring about the Inquisition: Dragon Age Keep



Two weeks, two weeks; that’s the singular amount of time before my game of the year comes out: Dragon Age Inquisition. October should have been the magical month but they pushed the date back to November for some odd reason (my guess is because all the other ‘triple A’ titles were coming out on the same month as well). Thanks to said titles October went like a blur and now only two weeks separate me from the next DA game. So to get you all pumped about that, every other day will host Inquisition related goodness – like today! Dragon Age Keep, for those who don’t know, is BioWare’s neat way of giving players the ability to customize the lore for the upcoming game. It is now in open beta which means people start getting busy with it! For new players of Dragon Age you need this to help understand the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of Thedas, for vets like myself who traded up for new consoles we need it to reconstruct our save state stories since we can’t import them anymore. Heck we can even adjust them to create a new reality outside what we played (I’m making Hawke into a lady for example so in Inquisition when Varric finds the Champion he can profess his feeling for her proper – at least in my storyline).  Two weeks may seem like a long time, but trust me it’s not, take advantage of the keep while it’s there.






Watch out (and for) – Hex: Shards of Fate


You know people a long time ago I was a Magic the Gathering player, sure some friend introduced me to game and I’ve enjoyed it throughout middle school. However people, as you know, I am a video gamer so over time I’ve lost interest in Magic – but not their card game format. I’ve tried different many different ‘Digital Trading Card Games’ since then with various degrees of success (latest one was Hearthstone which I’m convinced is broken thanks to OP classes – heh, it’s really just like WoW after all); but what’s coming soon might be the next step in DTCG evolution, Hex: Shards of Fate. Now you’re asking me “What makes Hex different than anything else?” to which I anwser will be a combination of DTGC and MMO. You heard right, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Trading Card Game! People that is fantastic because it solves the one problem TGC always had in my opinion: reason to care. Imagine it when you start Hex and get your first deck (and get past the tutorial of course) you don’t get randomly get matched up to some person or bot to fight, but set off in a (hopefully) fantastic quest where you meet awesome allies that become your newest creatures in your deck. Battle the evil (or ‘good’ depending on your faction) empire in a story driven narrative. Best of all when you have to tackle a dungeon you can partner up with other players and use your combined custom decks to get the job done. The sky the limit and I can’t wait, sadly the game is still in close beta stages but you know it’s a matter of time. Stay tuned.





It has come to my attention that currently both Cryptozoic and Hex Entertainment LLC, creators of Hex: Shards of Fate, are currently in a legal dispute with Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic the Gathering, claiming that Hex this very similar to Magic. This is disappointing, but not unexpected. Hopefully this matter can be settled  quickly so Hex can be the main focus of the creators and not the sue you circus of corporate culture.

Gift guide for great gamers: GTA V



People I’m going to say something I thought I would never have to say: please parents – don’t buy this game for under-age gamers. I’m serious  – and surprised how many adults buy a game called ‘Grand Thief Auto V’ for little Jimmy & Jamey who are only 8 years old or under. This game is as raw, violent, and sexual, as any game I’ve ever played (and that’s a lot of games people). There’s no real reason why people can’t do research on titles before they buy them, with the internet  sites like Video Game Armada (cheap pop) its easier than ever  to find games age appropriate (which GTA V is definitely not).  Again this game is not for little kids, however if you’re old enough to drink and smoke (and don’t mind doing rather graphic things from time to time) this game will fit you like a T. A world within a world, and characters with minds of their own, you’ll lose endless hours living and doing in San Andreas. Even my biggest gripe, GTA Online, is better now (or so some gamers have said) so if you managed to finish everything in the single player there is a whole different side of the city in the multiplayer to tackle. In short GTA V is: not for kids, a guilt pleasure for adults, a well crafted single player with an extremely dark sense of humor, a recovering glitchly multiplayer that’s pretty good too, and a good adult only gift for adult gamers.