WTF/FTW: Old Spice – And So It Begins


There are no words, I only hope there will be another Mano A Mano in el Bano.

WTF/FTW – Goku vs Superman. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.


Epic Rap Battles of History, everybody knows the videos and we here at the Armada have done our part in sharing the goodness; case in point their latest video – Goku vs Superman. Is it good? 7,000,000 + views in three days, yeah it’s good. Are those rhymes and phat beats coincide with the mythos of both fictional works in a believable way? Oh yeah. Is it as long as DEATH BATTLE’s Goku vs. Superman video? No, but it’s still really good. Again 7,000,000 + views – chances you Armada loyal have already watched it, but just in case: enjoy!




WTF (Seriously): Tank brake test


This is crazy people, but hey, if it went wrong they would look good in their mass funeral. And now while you watch this video above, ten sentences to go along with this very WTF video:


10. Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid the speeding Tank about to hit those people.


9. Rock, Paper, Scissor, Tank!


8. Say Cheese, er, Tank!


7. The earth is moved for me too, in fact, it still is.


6. Tank me? No, tank you!


5. Don’t tread on me!


4. They said I could get my suit permanent press forever if I stand right here.


3. Tiananmen Square? Never heard of it!


2. It can stop on a dime. Where’s the dime, in my pocket of course.


1. Ok our raid group is ready to go, where’s the tank?!




WTF/FTW – Epic split starting Jean Clauede Van Damme


There are no words, only epicness.

WTF/FTW – South Park epiode ‘Black Friday’


South Park is… Well South Park, It’s praised for its excellent writing, social commentary, and unique type for humor, however it always plays to the ‘how far go can we go’ method  of storytelling. Which means throughout the story you’ll see some rather obscene scenes that might disturb some and entertain others – its the catch 22 of their  madness. Do I agree with those scenes that they show in their attempt for shock value? No, not really. Can I deny that their show’s writing is borderline genius? No, absolutely not. If there’s proof of this then its found in their latest episode called ‘Black Friday’. Which brilliantly combines crazy holiday shopping, Game of Thrones, Next Gen consoles, Platoon, and a little bit of their upcoming game into 30 minutes of awesome. All I got to say is Winter is coming…




WTF/FTW: Long Eared Drifter


This is a definitely bitter sweet WTF/FTW people. The Looney Tunes Show; the same show that had a dry wit with its own brand of wackiness, the show that asked the question: ‘What would Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and the rest be like if they existed in our normalized society?’, and the show that brought us Daffy Duck: the Wizard two years ago: is canceled… Why? Why must Cartoon Network cancel the things I love? *sigh* Well it is what it is people, and seems networks are only good for canceling things these days anyway. With that I leave this as a memorial of the good writing and entertainment valve of The Looney Tunes Show. It might come back, but who’s to say.




WTF/FTW: Pacific Rim Wine

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling


Pacific Rim is an awesome movie that is getting its respect overseas (darn it America, you’re making me look bad). So imagine my surprise when I saw ‘Pacific Rim’ Dry (& Sweet) Riesling at the store the other day. I thought it might be a sweet (pun intended) way for a cross promotional product, I can see the ads now: “Now become as strong and fearless as a Laeger pilot, drink Pacific Rim Riesling! Made from pure fire lion, dragon, and phoenix Kaiju!” Sadly it was just a coincidence that a popular movie and a wine brand was named the same thing – I can accept that, but if I see a ‘World’s End’ draught beer in bars, then I quit.


Spoiler Warning: There’s no robots in this


WTF/FTW: W2D2(What would Deadpool do?)

Deadpool manson

AGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! So horrible….. But I can’t…… Look away…..


You know, I would often wonder: ‘what would Deadpool do?’ I mean how would he do taxes? Or how would he handle rabid fan boy, could he create a stable model of cold fusion?  Well guess what people we can finally put our imaginations to the test. Thanks to the power of Facebook (and also Activison, High Moon studios, and Marvel) the master of bloodshed and chimichangas (Deadpool duh) will offer challenges for Deadpool fans to do in a way befitting Deadpool himself. Then post the pictures of the results on his Facebook page and the best (or most surreal) ones will make it on his Facebook favorites. So far two challenges have already been announced so you can work on them or wait for even crazier ones. Afterall there are still a few weeks before the game comes out, so I’m sure the next one Deadpool will brain fart out will be both parts deranged and fun.


And now, Deadpool the Watchmen. Together at last!



WTF/FTW – Star Trek media blitz


So as we all know Star Trek: Into Darkness is  live and in living color today (or yesterday depending on where you live) and, surprise, people have mixed feelings about it. Well you all know the real deal on darkness will come from the Armada review soon or later. Til that time enjoy some of their creative and wacky commercial tie-ins that will no doubt make you scream with joy: These KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN-mercials are great! Engage!





WTF/FTW: Accidental Mutant Hater


So if you guys didn’t know there is a song written by Brad Paisley and featuring LL Cool J about how some old fear and prejudices still play apart in people’s daily lives. It’s called ‘Accidental Racist’ and as you can imagine its sparked two things in people: controversies and parodies. Accidental Mutant Hater is one such parody. Made by ‘ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’, it highlights the true plight of superpower mutants compared to super powered non-mutants. And when I say ‘highlights the true plight’, I mean dig and jab into their competing comic book properties like they always do, but this one’s set to music. Enjoy!