What the Heck is: Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO


Time to introduce a brand new segment called: ‘What the heck is it!’ Where I take a small but critical look at a something interesting. For the first WTH and can’t think of anything but Pokemon GO to highlight today. So, Pokemon GO, what the heck is it?

Pokemon GO the brain child of The Pokémon Company, Niantic and our good friends at Nintendo. It uses an iOS or Android smart device (sorry windows fokes) to turn people into Pokemon masters. First of all it gets people of their butts and moving because unlike previous Pokemon game in order to catch them all you need to find them. Which brings me to the next point; the World of Pokemon GO isn’t some made up region based on our world, it will be our actual world as Pokemon GO uses augmented reality.

Augmented reality, or AR, basically is using a camera on your smartphone, game device, or whatever to create virtual objects that interact with the physical world. In the case of Pokemon GO the game creates Pokemon where players need to catch. Now these won’t be random Pokemon all over the place either; if you want bug Pokemon you might have to go to the park, if you want ghost Pokemon I hope you like graveyards, if you want rare Pokemon well either be lucky or go hit up your local landmarks and be lucky.Now players can use items to help lure/catch Pokemon (although some items you’ll need to buy with real money obviously).

Catching Pokemon is great, but its only half the experience. You need to battle these bad boys! Sadly, at the time of writing this segment, trainer battles between players isn’t available however – gym battles are totally a thing in Pokemon GO! Select six of your strongest Pokemon (Pokemon in P-GO get strong by powering them up using candy and stardust. And you get those by catching Pokemon and sending them to the Poke-Prof) and challenge a gym. If you wipe the floor with the gym leader and reduce the prestige of said gym to zero then you can take over that gym and earn sweet rewards for yourself and your team.

Did I forget to mention that at level five you get to join one of three teams: Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue), and Team Valor (red). While technically not a big deal, once you choose a side you can’t change your mind so choose wisely. Pokemon GO is a create and dynamic game, but it does have it’s flaws like the app crashes from time to time, isn’t available for window phone users, and does require the internet to play. However it is free-to-play, gets you off your butt, and it’s fun as haunter! So now you know, what the heck Pokemon GO is!