Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Star Wars Battlefront II


Now with E3 done for another year, it’s time to sift through the show games and separate the crap from the awesome – this is Games and Gear of E3 2017! Let’s start with a softball: Star Wars Battlefront II





Let’s Review: Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 (Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)

Well people E3’s all done and everyone went home, but you know there’s one more review to do. Nintendo! Now most say they won the show, but what do I say? Start the video and find out.






Let’s Review: EA Play (EA’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


E3 is here again and with 2017 already a stellar year for gaming the show should be excellent. So who’s first to start? EA of course. How did they do? Well here’s my summary of their E3 presentation.









This just in (Or not): Get ready to hold ’em or fold ’em in this long awaited beta (Also E3)


Well people, are you ready to play a new children’s card game… If it’s yes, then I have good news for you in today’s ‘This just in’. 





This just in (Or not): The Mishima Blood Saga ends (Also E3)


Who doesn’t like a good feud? Hatfield v. McCoy, The Monday Night Wars, Family; people just like watching other people go at it – and video games don’t lack for any feuds either. However one of the longest running video game feuds will be ending. Which one? What title? Find out in today’s ‘This just in’.




This just in (Or not): Mario + Rabbids = Fun? (Also E3)


As crazy as creating your own sonic character is in Sega’s upcoming Sonic Forces, it looks like Nintendo, for a lack of a better word, trumps them again with their future Mario title – if the rumors are true. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is part of today’s ‘This just in’.




& a happy new year




Well people that’s it for us for the year. Now not everything went well in 2016, but on the whole it was a good year for gaming, entertainment, and for the Video Game Armada. So what’s in store for 2017? Well you’ll have to come back next year to find out. Till then however, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!