Let’s Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home


The end of the beginning people. Marvel’s dominance of the movie houses all over the globe has been nothing but stellar, and the final of that 10+ year plan (or the start of a new Marvel campaign) is here. Is far from home another home run of Marvel? Well click on and find out!


NOTE: There will be spoilers at the end.






Let’s Discuss: Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Well Nintendo lost E3 this year…

(And if you believe that I got some pristine real estate to sale you.)







Let’s Discuss: Square Enix E3 2019 press conference

Who like nostalgic RPGs getting remasters. We do! And so does Square Enix, oh and they also making a new Avengers game – for some reason.





Let’s Discuss: Ubisoft E3 2019 press conference

This year I’m still doing the discussion for the Ubisoft Press Conference, and gladly I’m still not disappointed this year as well.





Let’s Discuss: Bethesda E3 2019 press conference


While most will remember this press conference for nakamura, I’ll always remember it for… COMMANDER KEEN!!!! *da-da–da-da*







Let’s Discuss: Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference


Since Sony ran away from E3 this year, does that mean the Microsoft press conference was a lazy victory lap? Nope. Not in the slightest.






Let’s Discuss: EA E3 2019 Press Conference


Another year, another E3 is here again! 2019 is a bit of a slow start for gaming and, spoiler, may not ramp up much this year. 2020 however will be tectonic! EA of course is first but, again spoilers, they weren’t the best of the show – by any means. Does that mean they were the wrong ever? Well here’s our discussion of their E3 presentation and find out.