Trailer-Rama: Mutants for the win!

Guess what people? New X-Men: Apocalypse trailer! And even better news is that it doesn’t suck! How about that? Let’s hope they continue this trend of not sucking throughout the movie when it comes out.

Movie Review: Deadpool


“My haiku, I hate broccoli, it is disgusting, why can’t it be meat?” – Deadpool

Traier-Rama: Peanuts The Movie, Big Screen Debut


Trending in the Hulu #1 slot is the new first release of the Peanuts The Movie trailer. People are talking and all a buzz about the Peanuts gang coming to life in 3D, so rich and colorful, you can count the hairs on Charlie Brown’s head and get the feel of Snoopy’s fur.


This is really going to be something the many fans who read the Charles M Shulz’ Peanuts comic strip, are excited to see in 3D. According to Flixster 96% of the people polled can’t wait to see it. At the height of creator Shulz career, the comic, was seen in over 2,600 papers, in 21 languages and in over 75 countries.


In the 50 years the comics ran, there were over 18,000 Peanuts strips produced. Between the comics and the endorsements, such as games, toys, cartoons etc, yielding just over $1 Billion per year, now to add to that enterprise, the movie.


The director is Steve Martino, his works include other cartoon in 3D, such as Ice Age: Continental Drift and Dr Seuss’ Horton Has a Who.


Though Shulz died in 2000 at age 77, he has created a legacy in the lovable characters that make of the Peanuts gang. Wrapped in humor and satire, and now on the Big Screen in 3D, we can all take in the rich and I am sure entertaining little folks and lovable pets in 3D beginning November 2015.


Check out the trailer below, just a teaser for the fun to come!



– Blu




Movie Review – The Three Stooges


So yeah I know the whole country is Avengers crazy, and yes we got something planned for that later today, but for now it’s the Three Stooges! Don’t give me that look, just watch and enjoy.




WTF/FTW – Ginyu Force: Freeza Avenged!


Hey all, remember Dragonball Evolution? A movie made by 20th Century Fox that was obvious Hollywood cash in to the long standing anime series? Well, it wasn’t received well. Also it didn’t take long for the hardcore DB fans to strike back in many creative ways: like this one entitled ‘Ginyu ForceFreeza Avenged!’ It’s weird, it’s odd, it’s almost three years old – it’s perfect!  All you’ll say afterward is WTF/FTW.