Retro Review: Ultimate Angler

Welcome to yet another new segment I like to call ‘Retro Review’ where the Video Game Armada reviews a game/movie/product/thing at a time where it’s long past in the public eye. Why? Well for one thing it may have fallen through the cracks not getting the attention it deserves (for good or ill), but the honest answer is that some things don’t have the same priority as a ‘Destiny’ or a ‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ so they get left on the back burner. However every dog has its day and Retro Review is where it lives so let’s get started with Ultimate Angler on the Nintendo 3DS.




Now fishing is not actually the most simulation sport, it involves a lot of waiting actually – Zen like. Forget inner peace through because Ultimate Angler involve strategy, quick game play, and of course catching the big one. The game starts with your Mii just arriving on the islands ready to fish, one tutorial later you set off on an island hopping adventure to catch the legendary fishes in the area. Being a street pass game other Miis are a must, here they provide bait for your game – the same color as their shirts. Different fishes like different bait and if you get the right Miis you can get major hauls every fishing spot you come across. Guest Miis also can help you land bigger catches you hook, so always try for max Miis before you cast off. What can you do on your own you say? Plenty! On the water players can combine your bait into larger, more effective stuff that ups your odds of bigger fish. Back at the clubhouse you can keep your catches in plain or specialized fish tanks, customize your rods to be more effective, and even view other Miis catches and see what’s waiting for you in the future.




Ultimate Angler is another great title from PROPE that’s a simplified fishing experience in the palm of your hand. It’s not a sim either so you’ll have a lot of light hearted fun with every cast. The only downside honestly is that it’s all depended on street pass Miis (or play coins) so if you don’t have many 3DS friends or play coins you’ll be stuck. However with the launch of the new 3DS, and how awesome it is, the lack of Miis won’t be a problem for long. So for catching this whooper of a title on the 3DS Ultimate Angler gets a Pass from me. It won’t break any records but it more than good enough to stuff and mount on the wall.









Games & Gear of 2015: Rodea the Sky Soldier (9/22/2015)



Very little is known about Rodea the Sky Soldier, in fact most (myself included) believes it plays like Sonic crossed with Nights into Dreams – which is not a bad thing. So why put a relative unknown into the Game & Gear list of 2015? Well for two reasons: one because its being developed by PROPE, the same company that made some of those awesome 3DS games for your Mii (and a new game just released on 3DS– review pending). Two, because games are become less fantastic and more ‘real’, don’t get me wrong they’re slowly coming back from the dark side, but still too many games feature graphic violence – and this is coming from a guy who kind of likes graphic violence. The mascot games of yore have all but disappeared and someone (other than Nintendo of course) gotta bring them back. Rodea the Sky Soldier might be the start of the second renascence I am hopping for, we’ll see this September.







Super Smash Bros is live!



Well people if there’s one game that will make me stop playing Dragon Age Inquisition, albeit briefly, it is this: Finally… Super Smash Brothers, have come back to home consoles! Yes, watch the most iconic figures in video games beat themselves senseless for fun, for glory, for our amusement, for the last piece of pizza, for anything. For the people who bought the 3DS version of this game not only do you get all your hard work put toward the Wii U version, but you’ll also have first dibs access to Mewtwo once he shows himself. That’s right the genetic super psychic is coming and you definitely want him on your team. So do you have what it takes to send DK flying, go toe to toe with Mario, out gun Samus; then prove it – settle it in Smash!




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (The rest of the Smash cast)



Well people Halloween is here already and despite my best efforts (thanks to poor planing) I couldn’t showcase all of this years Smash contestants for costume choices. However since the 3DS version of the game been out for a while now not only have you all played it, but I’m sure you all have chosen your favorites for the upcoming home console release. Well hype up your favorite character by going as them for Halloween: show your Dedede pride, tell people why Greninja is great, make the Pikmin your pick, etc. Whosoever your favorite wear it on your sleeve, your head, and your toes because on November 21 words will mean nothing and the true Super Smash Bros will begin. Today though we get fat with candy – Happy Halloween!




Armada’s E3 picks: Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Holiday 2014)


It’s Super Smash Bros., on the 3DS, nuff said (again).

Gameroween (Game Review): Pokémon X & Y



Pokémon has evolved. And I’m not just saying that to be a play on words of the evolution of Pokémon in general (although that was totally intended). No, out of all the games in the series, Pokémon X & Y is the one that truly broke the mold of the pocket monsters legacy.



Well don’t get me wrong the tried and true story still reminds: you start as a young boy or girl who just arrived in a new town and as it so happens to get an invited by the assistants of a Pokémon professor to, of course, become a Pokémon trainer. Which leads to gotta catch them all, to be the best (like no one ever was), and defeating the evil Team (insert name here (this year it’s Flare)). That stuff will never change, however after you re-familiarized yourself with the premise of Pokémon that when the game truly opens up: with the options. Actually, that’s a lie, the options are almost apparent when you choose your gender, and keeps going from there. And what are the options I keep talking about? Why the options are to maximize and customize your play style, no longer are you stuck with the straight forward:  grass > town > gym leader > repeat formula. From various clothes shoppe to dress your character in unique ways (you’re not stuck with the start Pokémon trainer template, I know I’m shocked too), Pokémon-aime and super training to empower your Pokémon and play mini games with them a la virtual pet, berry farming to supplement your supplies, random battle cafes and battle mansions to keep your skills up, exploring the landscape for rare treasures and Pokémon, to outright anytime (if you have a wifi connection of course) connect your 2/3DS to the internet and communicate, trade or battle with any other player at demand. The future is now people and it began with Pokémon, and I’ve only told you all few of the details of awesomeness here there are still plenty more to do. As much as I hate to say it, the game does have some flaws, hardware ones it fact. There is some choppiness during the battle panning shots, and when you close the 3DS it logs you out of the internet if you’re online – which is annoying. Really though, those flaws don’t even dull the awesome shininess that is Pokémon X & Y and every Pokémon fan, if not every RPG, no, if not every 2/3DS owner should buy this game as soon as possible.










Trailer-Rama – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Good news people. We all knew that there was going to be a new (well new to us) Ace Attorney game coming to states. But now thanks to this trailer we now know it will be called ‘Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies‘ and the man himself will be back in court: Phoenix Wright. Set one year after the Apollo Justice title, Wright gets back his ability to practice law and defend people in the court room. Which is just in time as unseen events are moving forward to siege the law itself. Will the now veteran  Phoenix Wright and his new assistant Athena Cykes be able to save the day or will his return herald the end of everything.




Game Review – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



Mario, Mario, Mario. It’s always been about Mario; well not anymore because Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 as the Year of Luigi starting with this: Luigi’s Mansion – Dark Moon, the sequel to the Gamecube title Luigi’s Mansion. In that game Luigi took a starting role as reluctant ghost hunter to, with the help of Professor E. Gadd and his Poltergust 3000, save Mario from ghosts in a semi creepy mansion. He does and gets a house out the deal, nice. This time around the valley of ‘Evershade’ is in trouble because some malevolent force destroyed the Dark Moon, which kept the ghosts there in check. Now they’re out of control and since the good professor only knows one ghost hunter he bring Luigi back into service –  much to Luigi’s everlasting fear.



Dark Moon is very similar to the original game as Luigi can capture ghosts using a combination of flashlight (to weaken ghosts), dark light (to find them) and sweeper (with the new Poltergust 5000 to capture or contain them). However the 5000’s dark light & suction capacities can be upgraded to better effectiveness. Not stuck in a mansion this time around (although you do start there) Luigi takes his ghost busting ways all over the valley capturing ghosts, unearthing treasures (you’ll need them for the upgrades), solving puzzles and most importantly finding pieces of the Dark Moon to put it back together again. Controlling wee-gee on the 3DS is a little different, but after a few levels you’ll get the hang of it – or run screaming to your mama.







This is why I prefer portable game console games over app games: complete, thought-out game experience and not some extremely repetitive process. Dark Moon is the total gaming package backed up with the awesome power of the 3DS (which the game looks great on by the by); variety of ghosts to test your skills on (both new and old), puzzles that was rack your brain on, treasures to get your bling on, boss fights to get on (your nerves – in a good way), heck it even has various co-op and online modes to show your friends who’s the best buster in the yard is. Some control issues aside Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a real winner and a fun light hearted adventure with Luigi. Tomorrow’s review is the one long awaited game that’s may change the face storytelling – that’s right Club Penguin’s Puffle Hotel Grand Opening.




Game Gifts of 2012 – Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies



Now this next pic was a game I wanted to play when it was first released in 2009; but sadly even the one, true, Omnigamer sometimes let’s games fall through the crack. Fortunately an acquaintance of mine gave me this game free of charge – and people I never turn down a free game. Now I’ve played one other Dragon Quest game before back in the day, and I enjoyed it, but Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is, hands down, the best hand held RPG I’ve played in a good long while. I don’t want to ruin the finer details of the story for you all, but the game deals with angels, demons, ghosts, monsters, faith, destiny, death, love, and the digital artwork Akira Toriyama. And believe me, all that’s just scratching the surface, you can get lost in this game’s creation element, class blending, alchemy crafting, sub quests, and Multiplayer Co-Op. Best of all, since it’s three years old you can get it on the cheap – pricing as low as $9.99 I’ve checked. So yeah if your loved one got a 3DS, or even a DS and loves RPGs please make their Christmas and buy this game. Trust me; they’ll thank you for it.




This just in (Or not) – Nintendo 3DS update


General news people, but just as important as the usual awesome stuff. The good people at Nintendo have just completed a system update (4.0.0-7U) to everyone’s favorite reality bending handheld, the Nintendo 3DS (4/26/12). This update will allow the 3DS to create folders in the home screen now; which means players can organize all those apps and games into folders. Which is great because I got a lot of spring cleaning to do on the 3DS. The other thing is an improved interface for the Nintendo eShop, making it easier for players to find apps and games – which you can put in folders. Which you’ll have more room to get more app and games from the Nintendo eShop, which in turn you can put in more folders. I’m starting to see the evil genius of Nintendo ‘s update now, well done.