Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Phoenix Wright)


You know lawyers are always the butt of jokes, victims of disdain, and often the first people others talk to when Johnny law comes a calling. If Phoenix Wright had a commercial then he would hit all the points. Wright is the main character in probably the world’s first lawyer simulator (and I use simulator quite loosely) where players must determent their defendant’s guilt or innocent (mostly they’re innocent) by using evidence, logic, and sometimes luck. Now even though this series does deal with the heavy elements of murder, the characters and world of Phoenix Wright is quite colorful. Robots, mascot dogs, silver samurais, rock groups, psychics, ghosts, the heart of the cards (not really), and more are part of this awesome Capcom series. So find your bluest suit, put a round gold pin on it, spike your and practice your pointing pose because….



But I wasn’t done ye-








Fine whatever…





The Fall of Games: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Demo



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will be released on the 26th of this month and never mind it’s only going to be available for direct to download only, just be glad we’re getting this one (and make sure you have a big enough SD card). But hey, I understand that not a lot of people may even know who Phoenix Wright, or what Ace Attorney series is. So instead of explaining the whole history of the Ace Attorney series and its characters; why don’t you download the free demo of Dual Destinies from the Nintendo eShop and see what the hub-bub is all about. My guess is that not only will you love the game and want to buy the full version on the 26th, but you’ll fall in love with the series as a whole and want to play the game from the beginning plus the sequels that led to Dual Destinies. It maybe the year of the next gen home console but the portable games aren’t leaving us hanging either.





Trailer-Rama – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Good news people. We all knew that there was going to be a new (well new to us) Ace Attorney game coming to states. But now thanks to this trailer we now know it will be called ‘Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies‘ and the man himself will be back in court: Phoenix Wright. Set one year after the Apollo Justice title, Wright gets back his ability to practice law and defend people in the court room. Which is just in time as unseen events are moving forward to siege the law itself. Will the now veteran  Phoenix Wright and his new assistant Athena Cykes be able to save the day or will his return herald the end of everything.




This just in (Or not) – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 announced… And will be localized!



Ladies and gentlemen remember almost a year ago I made the called to bring back Phoenix Wright (and all games that pertain to that series) to the western countries, translated, and enjoyed by all. Well I’m glad to say my words didn’t fall on deaf ears as many gamers felt the same way I did. So in what I imagine was an onslaught out pouring of emails, letters, and phone calls to Capcom for the lucky loser lawyer’s return – they had no choice but to cave it and give the people what they want: hail democracy! Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney 5) takes place one year after the events of Apollo Justice; Phoenix Wright gets his legal badge back and thus his ability to practice law. Sadly instead of celebration this moment his over shadowed by the destruction of a court room and the one accused of the crime is a high-school girl. So you know where this is going – Phoenix Wright takes the case to defend her and try to put here innocence, but does still got the skills to pay the bills? Now when this announcement hit, it was unsure if this game, like so many others in the 90’s, would make it in the west. But rest easy, Capcom will send this title our way and more information will be available as it happens. This is wonderful news people, before you know we’ll be solving crimes and dealing in court casesinvolving psychics, clowns, the mob, ghosts, and corrupt people in people before we know it. No objections here.






Wanted! – Phoenix Wright


Ladies and gentleman; I would like to think gamers, game publishers, game developers, and the entire industry would work all together to make sure the best games would come out and be enjoyed by all. I would like to think that way but being reality we’re dealing with here it’s simply not true. One such series is Phoenix Wright. Now for those who haven’t looked at the court record recently; Phoenix Wright is a plucky young lawyer who gets into legal misadventures and must use logic, luck, and a little help from a slew of colorful characters (including his long dead mentor) to bring justice into the courtroom. You would think a game about pseudo court litigation would be as boring as program coding; but as it turns out not only were the games good but they spawned a legion of hardcore fans (which I am among them) worldwide. So why had Capcom stopped releasing them in the states?



The last game of the series in America was Ace Attorney Investigations starting Phoenix’s rival: Miles Edgeworth. The game did try a few new elements (one of which not starring Phoenix himself) and received mixed reviews; but at the end of the day it was Ace Attorney all the way. Well Capcom didn’t see this as an success both sociality or financially and so when Gyakuten Kenji 2 (Ace Attorney Investigations 2) came out it only came out in Japan, leaving all English speaking fans across the globe in the lurch (oh and the game sold record numbers its first week of release)… That’s bad enough, but from what I hear we’re also not getting Layton-kyōju Vs Gyakuten Saiban (Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney – sucks to be you Prof. Layton fans) or a real to life Ace Attorney movie (Gyakuten Saiban). We almost didn’t get the manga either, but it only released in North America a couple of months ago – so that means we’re behind in how many books.





What can we do about this mass embargo of the ‘Wright’ stuff? Well, as usual, I suggest writing in. Tell Capcom that you’re a PW fan and displeased that you’re getting snubbed for one reason or another (be creative). Another good way is by using the power of money. People, I like to give all games a chance, but even I must call a spade –a spade; the only difference between Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and the upcoming Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is Phoenix Wright. So if you don’t like Wright just stick with what you got; but if you’re a fan of both fighting and justice then by all means get the game. Then write in and tell Capcom you brought this game for Phoenix Wright; and will buy Phoenix Wright games that come our way.


In closing I say this: Capcom you want our money, that’s fine, we want Phoenix; you know it’s the Wright thing to do. And you’re certainly not getting it with Lost Planet 2 or Monster Hunter.