Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Call of Duty WWII


Hopefully we’ll all hear the call this November.







Armada’s E3 picks: Call of Duty – Black Ops III (11/06/15)


Love it, or hate it, you’re still gonna play it. Don’t fight the feeling.

Trail-Rama: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


New year, new systems, same old CoD: now with more future & Kevin Spacey. I kid, I kid, I’m sure Advanced Warfare will be excellent addition to the franchise. It’s not like no one going to buy this anyway, its Call of Duty for goodness sake.




Game Review: Call of Duty – Ghosts



Ah people we are lucky because not only do we have the next great console war just right around the corner, but the latest military shooter war has just begun: Battlefield v Call of Duty. Yes those two IPs have been going at it forever and a day now and while Battlefield 4 is more of the same, Call of Duty – Ghosts decided to be a little different.


My new theme song people, just take it in…


Normally in the Modern Warfare era of games the protagonist force (usually American) are fighting against terrorists or traitors set to collapse the world. We win of course, but in ghosts not so much. A new superpower known as the Federation hi jacked one of world’s most powerful weapons and laid waste to a lot of the U.S.A. Now little more than a loose collection of fighters; they (and by extention us) must rally back and drive the Feds from our soil. But hey, I know and you know people don’t play CoD for the story but for the legendry multiplayer – so how does that fare? It starts strong with a bunch of playable modes, wide selections of weapons, customizable soldiers, new locals to fight in, killstreaks, perks, and a lot of unlockables a plenty. However as I played the matches I’ve noticed some key differences this game had from previous games in the series. For one it doesn’t look as good; MW 2 & 3 had some pretty vibrant stages that had personality about them – Ghosts does not (Jungle, Factory, Ruin, repeat). Another thing about the stages is that (save for one) they are very pro camping; if you got a silencer, a high caliber weapon, and the right perks you be killstreaking in nothing flat (and woe to you if your on the wrong end of those cross hairs). The killstreaks and perks are here, like I said before, but some of them are nerfed and not as useful as they used/should to be. I have more examples but the only other one I’m going to bring up it the most annoying of the problems. Like previous games unlocking things in multiplayer requires doing challenges (kill ‘x’ with ‘y’ 125 times), and they return here, but unlike previous games where the challenges were automatically counted every time you fulfilled the requirement. In Ghosts you have to manually select the challenges and have them active to order to complete them and get the rewards – which is stupid. Seriously I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted trying to unlock things for my soldier just to find out that the challenges I was doing weren’t manually active and thus all that work wasn’t registered… Bah! With all this commentary I still haven’t answered the question: how does it fare? After untold hours of playing the different modes, trying different weapons, and fine tuning my loadouts I’ve come to the decision that’s… It’s alright. Even after my cripes and clearly not being the same kind of fun as the past games (for one reason or another) the multiplayer in Ghosts does the job and can be fun once you get going. My advice: start playing on your own in squads so you can earn unlock medals without having to deal with grievers and spazes. Once you have the medals you can get your choice of goodies and start creating your loadouts sooner. Call of Duty: Ghosts is not a flawless solider and is a little green, but I’ve played far worst shooters out there. Give it a red box rental, if nothing else you’ll kill a couple of hours (among other players online).










Game Preview – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo


Well people the summer is almost over and you know what that means, ‘the Fall of Games’ will be here soon. And what better game to kick of the onslaught of gaming goodness than robots in disguised – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  Now this is one of the games I’ve said to look out for in the past and they’re already gearing up to bring it to players and fans in this sizzling sequel. Providing more information and trailers are key, but what really whet an appetite is a pre-launch demo which as of 2 days ago have also been provided to gamers worldwide. Now I’m not saying the demo perfect; it not very smooth looking (hopefully the game on actual disc improves that), the story playthroughs end waaaaay to soon, and of course you can only get to level 6 in the multiplayer and only have two modes of game play for said multiplayer. But I say this, in the small glimpse I saw of the game through the demo I know we’ve found a winner. Words are cheap however, play the demo yourselves (download at Xbox live/PSN) and see why Transformers are (and always shall be) awesome.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (8/28/2012)


More than meets the eye indeed! I swear people I’ve checked the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron website every other day for anything other than static picture of Grimlock and the first trailer under it – to no success might I add. However recently not only has the site transformed into an awesome visual feast for the eyes but also produced a release date. A refresher – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a sequel to the surprisingly awesome Transformers: War for Cybertron game. It told the true origin story of the famed cybertronian civil war that led both Autobots and Decepticons to leave the planet and launch more stories and series than I can count. The first game was shown in the eyes of both groups and was well told, full of action and humanized the giant fighting death machines. Add to the fact that the multiplayer was actually a lot of fun and you got yourself a dark horse success story. Now Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is going to bring all that was good from the first game and give it an energon injection (that a good thing) making it one of must play games of the year. With the first game I foolishly traded it in for another less gamer (which I won’t tell you all what that game was in order to protect its feelings) but I won’t make that same mistake twice (barring review of course – but I got a feeling everything going to be alright).





You didn’t hear this from me, but! – Modern Warfare 3 may be able to glitch up Xbox live Gamertags



Ok, this will be a first for Armada, so I had to create a new segment to christen it. It’s called ‘You didn’t hear this from me, but!’ where we find out some of the most unconfirmed rumors that is also important enough to post. Basic rumors (like another Batman: Arkham sequel) won’t make it here, only the most juicy, starting with this – Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 might cause Xbox live gold account Gamertags to malfunction. How do we know? It happen to us, well me actually. I got up, ate breakfast, and I wanted to start my day by causing lot rage quits online with MW3; but to my dismay my 360 would not log on to live. So I figured: “I missed a payment” or “My cards are out of date” or my personal favorite “Who knocked out my Ethernet cable?” you know, the usually stuff. Well taking a few minutes out to check things, I discovered everything was current, paid-up, and plugged in – so was a software issue. I called the Xbox live support and after double checking my connection between the console and the internet (which was fine) she told me to recover my Gamertag at the My Xbox Sign in area. When I asked why and mentioned I just played MW3 yesterday with no problems, she said she didn’t know why but the Activision’s servers ‘may’ be causing the Gamertag hiccups when they’re playing MW3.


She also told me that I wasn’t the first person with this problem, three other people called her with similar issues to mine who were playing… You guessed it, MW3 beforehand. Fortunately the ‘recover gamerag’ option did set things right so if anyone has this problem, where you can’t log in to Xbox live despite the fact everything’s current, paid-up, and plugged in – try that. As for the rest of this, like I said before this is just a rumor I heard in pasting and what happen to me (and at least three others) may have been an isolated incident, but I did find all this stuff interesting, and I hope you all did to.