Games and Gear of (E3 2017): Crackdown 3


New-new-new-new-new-new-new-new-new-new world order! Finally!





This Just In (Or not) – Dragon Age: INQUISITION Multiplayer


Well people, you’ve guess right once again: multiplayer is now a thing in the upcoming Dragon Age: INQUISITION game. Now  objective based Co-Op multiplayer in something like Mass Effect isn’t too much of a stretch; but in a fantasy, stat heavy, no guns reality of Dragon Age – well I had some concerns. However this trailer put those concerns to rest as Inquisition’s co-op will be more dungeon craws than run & gun. You play as an agent of the Inquisition who with four others (I think) will go on adventures to strengthen the organization as a whole. Players can choose 12 different classes for their agents and customize their class, weapons, and armor accordingly – just like in the single player game. And of course work together in each adventure not only to survive but to get the sweet lootz afterward to further pimp out your avatar. Ah BioWare I never should have doubted you – multiplayer, as well as the rest of the game, will be out this November.




Armada’s E3 picks: Crackdown (TBA)


Info’s light, there’s not a website, and people don’t even know if there’s building destruction in it or not (p.s. I don’t care); but man is it great to have Crackdown coming back home!

Trailer-rama – Skyfall


Skyfall is my last Trailer-rama pick for the moment, and I hate to be that guy but I got to speak my mind: Daniel Craig is not a very good Bond, James Bond.  Now I don’t have anything against the actor but his take on Bond his like his take on ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, like his take on ‘Defiance’, like his take on freaking ‘A Kid in King Arthur’s Court’: stoic. Which is fine for an original protagonist for an unestablished series; but for James Bond of the spy thriller 007 universe that simply won’t due. Bond is a complex character full of drive and passion for what he does, yet he hides it in smooth cunning and cleaver word play. He lives like there’s no tomorrow because for him tomorrow in a luxury, yet he’s not reckless or ignorant of his life of the lives of others. Bond doesn’t sleep with every woman he comes cross just because he a ‘womanizer’ who needs a quick roll in the hay. As a double 0 agent his life is full of continual, constant danger for him and any loved one near him; he had to abandon living a normal life (like having a family) a long time ago, I truly believe he loved all the women he’ll been with in one form or another (and I don’t just mean physically). I could write a book on the subtle intricacies of this silver screen super spy but the point I’m trying to make is that Daniel Craig’s Bond have none of those key qualities in his acting that makes bond bond. None of the cleverness, none of the emotion, nothing but a stoic stance and standard simplicity of non-Bond performance; despite this however… Skyfall will be good, because it’s a James Bond flick and no matter whose play the agent the whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts.