E3 Pick – Saint Row IV

Yeah after yesterday, the E3 pick for today shouldn’t have been a surprise. I love Saint Row: I love how its beginning were similar to GTA but had the brass bearings to be fun and had an ending that was excellent. I love how the sequels said: “screw reality, let’s be awesome!” and did just that.  And now, I love how in the fourth game they make you president (of the United States), have you fight against an invading alien army, and what the heck, give you superpowers! Now if all of that doesn’t make you squeal like a school girl for the impending launch of this epic win game, this will: your vice president is Keith David, you heard right, Vice President Keith David. Preorder Saint Row IV people, you have no choice.

Trailer-Rama Week – Saints Row 4


Well people BioShock Infinite is coming out in a week and couldn’t be more excited – but am I ready? After spending all this time in my SimCity Zen garden, reflecting on my gaming journey to this point, and becoming one with the universe I’ve come to the conclusion, that, I miss taking out randoms with various weapons, powers, and my own two fists. I also miss bending over a boss and beating the sweet, sweet, loot out of it. Finally I miss that awesome feeling of playing a game from beginning to end, enjoying the experience, and letting you all know what I thought about it (and anyone else who asked). So am I ready? Oh heck yeah, but I’m still going to sharpen my skills til the game’s releases, so what that means is a full week of new trailers (with an extra trailer on Friday since I missed Monday). With that Saints Row 4! Yep slated as a DLC before THQ downfall, now in the reigns of Deep Silver it is a full-fledged game. So how do you top the awesome chaos that was Saints Row: the Third? By added super powers, aliens, and making the Saints leader (You) the president of the United States in the process. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Video Game is the ultimate entertainment media.




This just in (Or not) – Megan Fox to be April O’Neil on new TMNT Movie

Yeah, I can see it.

Yeah, I can see it.


Ah the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The perfect example of the coolness of the 80’s: they are pizza eating mutates that lives in the sewer system of New York City who were also ninja taught by a man rat master and use said training to fight magic beings, interdimensional armies, and rival ninja clans lead by a dude called ‘the Shredder’ – what’s not to love. The series usually reboots every, oh I say, 7 years or so, and the latest run by nickelodeon is very impressive. However there hasn’t been a movie in a while, well it’s been a while since the Turtles was popular enough for another movie. Regardless there is a new movie in the works and Michael Bay is heading it, stop groaning – you love his movies, warts and all. So guess who got the role of famed journalistic hotie April O’Neil? Megan Fox, the same Megan Fox who says Bay ‘He wants to be like Hitler’ and swore never to work with the guy again. Let that be a lesion to you fokes… I’m not sure what it is, but it’s there. Anywho I’m sure she can do the job as Ms. O’Neil, afterall she’s got the body all she needs now is the jumpsuit and big hair. Stay tune for more alien/mutant news.


And now comedy at Michael Bay’s expense, sorry.


Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 12)



Ok people this choice comes from our resident creative type BacklashPaul Phoenix. Now I don’t really know much of the Tekken series because, in general, it sucks. However thanks to playing Street Fighter X Tekken, watching some reviews online, and Backlash himself come to find that Tekken in its later years has become very weird as well. Paul Phoenix is a perfect example of this; back in the day he was just your standard Ken Masters stand in. In that time he went broke, lost his dojo, ends up having a bear as his rival, and decided to fight intergalactic aliens as his new life’s goal. This guy was made for Halloween people; if not for his wacky, if not somewhat tragic, storyline, then for his hair alone. Even if he’s part of Tekken, anyone who decides to bare knuckle smack down the alien menace is ok in by book.





This Paul Phoenix was portrayed by Paolo M, an Aspiring Writer. He really committed to the bit by growing a goatee and coloring it Simpsons yellow. The scorpion tattoo is also a nice (but painful) touch.