Let’s Review: Teen Titans GO to the movies

This movie will test your hatred of the GO.










Let’s Review: Incredibles 2

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Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage III

Last time for a while, I promise.





Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage II (Part 3)


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Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage II (Part 2)


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Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage II (Part 1)


Can lightning strike twice? Let’s find out!








Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage (Part 3)









Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage (Part 2)

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Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage (Part 1)


Let’s see if we can do better this time!






Mini txt Review: Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf




Time for another VG Armada Quickie, and what game gets the first honor? Well an interesting title I just downloaded called “Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf”, a game based off his own game book series. Players take on the role of Lone Wolf, and yes that’s his name, where after off screen adventures (the gamebooks 1 to 5) earned his own province as Fryelord. Unfortunately before he has a chance to enjoy it, the town Rockstarn has gone dark. Charged with its protection, Lone Wolf sets off to find what has befallen it – unaware that an ancient enemy has returned. The game in its self is both ‘choose your own adventure’ and a turn based RPG. When you first start the game players can choose weapon preference, personal tactics, and Kai (magical support) abilities for their lone wolf character. After that you begin the story, and those choices you made will either help or harm you during your journey. In battle too, because certain weapons may require more stamina to wield and hit harder; while others are easier to use but don’t do much damage.




While the game’s combat can be a little unforgiving at times, especially for players who very rarely play old school RPGs. And the resource management between Health, Stamina, and Magic be can be trying too. On the whole, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is a good game. The story’s interesting, yet familiar if you’re a big DnD fan (and who isn’t these days). The CYOA mode is the players reading the story from a tome with illustrations (and a map of course), but in battle it transition into 3rd person field with your character and the characters he’s fighting – which is the whole process is a nice touch. Despite not being able to change the look of Wolf, you can fully customize the way he fights and solves problems in the story, so no two Wolves will be the same. Finally – this game is available on the Switch, so if you’re looking for a somewhat challenging title, that you can play on the go, that is also under $20 then this title will throw it hat into the ring as your next gaming choice.