Nintendo 3DS Lo Down – 2 3D or not 2 3D

Well another CES (Consumer Electronics Show) came and went people, from the coverage I saw the tech this year was a little weak (tablets, tablets, tablets, motion controls with your eyeballs, tablets) – but hey it wasn’t a total loss the Nintendo 3DS won one of CNET’s Best of CES awards for 2011. Well-deserved I dare say:

However Nintendo has advised that the 3D mode of the 3DS may not be suitable for kids under the age of six. Nintendo always had warnings on their DS series of consoles so this doesn’t come as much of a shock. What does though is that according to the American Optometric Association (AOA), not only can the 3D mode be used by kids under six without worry (provided their eye sight development is good), but it can also help detect undetected vision disorders in kids by their difficulty in viewing optical 3D in general. What else can I say at this point? Nintendo 3DS, awesome, award winning, miracle machine that will save the eye sight of children everywhere – preorder NOW!!!