Gameroween 2012 – Aftermath


Well I hope you all had a good Halloween, mine was a little more water logged than usually but still good. Of course the most famous angry of birds had a productive night as well. Trick or Treat indeed.




This just is (or not) – Angry Birds Christmas Edition confirmed

I like being right, who doesn’t really?

That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes mind you, but when it comes to the world of video games I am almost telepresence to the trends.

Remember but two days ago at the tail end of my mini game review of ‘Angry Birds Halloween’:


“This hot property is definitely going places: first the original, then Halloween, and since turkey month almost over (a missed opportunity) the next on should be ‘Christmas Ham’ Angry Birds…”


Well it won’t be named ‘Christmas Ham’ (see, I’m wrong sometimes 🙂 ) but the latest adventures of the Angry Birds will continue in a Christmas Edition – the halls will be decked and so will the Greedy Grinch-like Pigs in this second snowbound throwdown!

Rovio once again gives the people what they want, and this time for free (sort of); anyone who bought Angry Birds Halloween will receive this update at no cost to them. Finally something to make the birds less angry – and to spoil their fan base to critical levels.

Rovio didn’t stop there either; they also announced Angry Birds Day, a worldwide celebration of everything angry and bird since their appearance on December 11 almost a year ago.



They want all fans everywhere to ‘meet up’ and discuss the consciences of war between two deliciously edible forces. Me?  I’m going to rabble rouse and instigate as much as I can because peace is for wimps and a factory full of meat tenderizers ain’t going to move themselves…

Anyway the only downside is that there is no release yet for the Christmas edition, but I figure we’ll get it sooner than later. Stay tuned.

(AFK Article) Mini Game Review – Angry Birds Halloween

I know you do it, don’t worry, I do it too.

There is something so appealing about taking a multi colored bird, putting them on a slingshot, and firing them on unsuspecting green piggies with chaotic results.

And just when you think you nailed every pig up to the boss hog, scored three stars on every stage, and captured all the elusive golden eggs, Rovio releases the latest chapter in the on going struggle of pork v poultry – Angry Birds Halloween.

Now granted I don’t know if this is an official sequel but really I don’t care – it a new Angry Birds game!

All the gang is back but now in a spooky, cartoony, Halloween-like setting.

The birds maybe angry but smart… Well, they got fooled by a pig in a blanket (seriously – he was dressed as a ghost) and made off with their eggs again. Once they realized they’ve been had it doesn’t take them long to set up the sling and let loose the birds of war!

Everything from the first game makes a return in this game: from the birds with their own special abilities such and multiplication and self-detonation to those greedy pigs with their quasi cleaver defenses next to TNT crates and very steep ledges. However this time around the pigs employed pumpkins, bell towers, and costumes to keep the eggs all to themselves. While these new tricks will put players to the test, they also give them new opportunities for high scores. Each pumpkin destroyed offer a plethora of points (depending on the size of the pumpkins themselves), the bell towers too plus they themselves are very good crushing implements. Timing, distance, and luck applies to this game as it did the first; so expect even more of your time destroyed, family shunned, and arthritis acting up.

Well Rovio’s done it again! 45 bone quaking levels, more secret golden eggs to collect, even more comical chaos with the colorful cast (birds & pigs), and all under a buck yet again. This hot property is definitely going places: first the original, then Halloween, and since turkey month almost over (a missed opportunity) the next on should be ‘Christmas Ham’ Angry Birds, then ‘Birds in Space’, heck I can totally see a Bird, Pig, team up against the true threat – The EASTER BUNNY (he takes eggs and makes you eat ham)!!! Ok, maybe not; but still I said it once and I’ll say it again: if you want a simple and addicting game for your idevice, for a dollar, Angry Birds (Halloween) is your only choice.