Mini Game Review – Angry Birds


Smart phones and media players can do it all these days.

They can take pictures, play music, surf the web, make tweets, Google earth, watch movies, so on and so forth.

However I don’t buy they’ll ever be a threat to the handheld gaming market (maybe PSP but I digress).

That being said, some of what they do have can kill time just as good as any handheld game – Angry Birds is a fine example.

Now how best can I tell the tale of strife, loss, and vengeance just as the immortal bard would tell it? I think it is beyond even me to translate accurately, so this video will have to do:

A picture is worth a thousand words, while a YouTube trailer is worth a million laughs – now you see why they’re called Angry Birds.

Now the birds don’t fly, but they do have other abilities to teach those green pigs a very serious lesson about poaching. The reds are general ‘soldiers’ they’re not too light or too heavy and can be used in many ways. Blues are very light and weak but once tapped (played this game on an iPod touch) they split into three’s causing wide spread damage. Yellows are the aggressive ones, tap them and they’ll make a b-line to where ever he’s pointed at. The tough black birds are the only ones that can bust through stone with ease, but they always bring more bang to the battlefield – a tap will cause them to explode. Finally the old codger white birds actually give the pigs all the eggs they want – the catch? They explode. Yes these birds aren’t messing around, if birds like these were real – well let’s just say I’d welcome our feathery overlords.

The game Angry Birds is simple to learn but tough to master; like I said the bird don’t fly but they do get shot out of a slingshot via pulling back on your finger and letting go – your goal, wiping out all the green pigs on the screen. Simple you say? Not really. The pigs don’t always stay out in the open, sometimes they’re holed in odd (yet familiar) structures made from glass, wood, stone, or a combination of the three materials. In order to get pass these obstacles players must use the birds they’re given, have a sense of timing, an eye for distance, and a great deal of luck. If you have all that, then all the those piggies will cry ‘we-we-we!’ all the way home with one bird (mileage may vary). If not, don’t feel bad, the first hour is always the hardest.

In summary when I heard this was cnet’s best cheap app to have for the iPhone that also turns out to be a pretty fun and challenging game – I was skeptical. Well one dollar and many weeks later not only am I a believer of the Angry Birds phenomenon but I also converted almost all the Armada staff into it as well. What left to say? I know the economy is bad but if you want a simple, but addicting game for your idevice for a dollar Angry Birds is your only choice. It’s colorful pig on poultry violence at its finest.