Armada-pedia Update – Haaallooo.


Hey, hey, got another new word for you all. Now this one’s a little of a stretch, but we think it’s appropriate for the season. Good guys (and gals) of the world; you give and give til it hurts, lend a hand even if it inconveniences you, and heck even loan out your brand new car to your extremely shaky best friend and don’t complain when you find various unidentifiable substances in the back seat. The new word of the day is for you, shout it (show off for a change), and let the world know that you’re awesome. Check out Armada-pedia tab to see what I mean.




Armada-pedia Update – f00b

Hey, hey, hey people I got a new Armada-pedia word today. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I’ve been playing DC Universe Online since it went Free to Play (F2P); if it didn’t glitch up, shut down, and make me wait to play – it would be an excellent game. However it is thanks to this game that heard a new word being born: f00b. Check it out.

Update: Armada-pedia & tropes pages added

True Backlash, a man I’m proud to call brother, keep me up to date with the events of the world –  whether I want to know or not. From worldly events to politics and, yes, even entertainment – if he doesn’t already know about before the six 0’clock news or twitter feeds it’s not worth knowing. Of course there’s only one thing he enjoys more than gathering info, and that’s telling the world about said info. So he can be found providing more than a few nuggets of joy the various wikis, message boards, and tropes out there. Backlash does it all with a smile, but writing for ‘public’ information sites do have their drawbacks. There is a reason why school professors don’t allow Wikipedia as reliable source to site for projects and in general (but we still do it anyway :p).  So I decided to give my main man here his own wiki & trope pages on Armada to do as he will. That way he has creative control of his content and we get a virtual fountain of knowledge.

Please note: not even I know what he has in store for it but rest assured what’s found will either be something cool or something you didn’t know was cool. Stay tuned.