There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Final)


The end of… the end!







There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 7)



The beginning of the end… Finally!








There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 6)



Return to the Devil’s lair!












There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 5)




Let’s go adventuring in the plague-lands! In my ‘hurry up and get these videos out the door before October’ series…. Too late.







There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 4)




No time for a funny description, super late on videos, go, press play, go now!










There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 3)



We finish the story mode of the DLC is this installment, but don’t worry, the real game has only just begun.









There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 2)



We continue on to the next part of our journey to become an Iron Lord. Item management is definitely a plus.

There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 1)



The wait (for the DLC, and the Armada coverage of it) is over! Guardians, it’s time to rise and become the next Lord of Iron. Yay!




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