Aftermath: Avengers Infinity War


And now our spoiler show – Aftermath, talking about Avengers the Infinity War.






Let’s Review: Avengers – Infinity War


Our review of the latest Avenger’s movie – the Infinity War.







Let’s Review: Black Panther


Our review of the latest (and possibly the greatest) Marvel movie: Black Panther.







The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials



Ah commercialism at its best, the only time you don’t go to the bathroom on the break. While this year didn’t blow us away, there were some advertised gems to be enjoyed. Here’s our top five!

Movie Review – The Avengers (Part Five of Five)


Well this is it people, the final part of our massive Avengers review. Got to say it’s been a lot of fun; but I doubt will be doing this again any time soon. I mean movies of this epic proportions doesn’t come along very often. Then again the Spiderman and Batman movies are not to far along in the year are they? Stay tuned.




Movie Review – The Avengers (Part Four of Five)


Today in part four we check out the action in the this action superhero flick. Does it hold a candle to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon? You all should know the answer by now. Enjoy.




Movie Review – The Avengers (Part Three of Five)


In part three we cover the more eye popping side of the movie, no not Black Widow (well not just) – I’m talking about visual and sound effects. Enjoy.