Let’s Review: Xbox E3 Briefing (Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


So EA didn’t quite ‘wow’ me as the starting show of E3. Will Microsoft have better luck? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Yes it will.





Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Pacific Rim


I said it before and I’ll say it again: giant robots + aliens = awesome! Pacific Rim is only two month away people, only two months to away.





That’s Gamertainment: Coke Zero Commercial


Best. Commercial. Ever….




This just in (Or not) – NINTENDO’S WII U HAS A RELEASE DATE AND IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER (sorry for the all caps, but this is important).



This is not a drill; I repeat is not a drill! I swear this is just like the ‘Fall of Games’ for you. A few posts ago I said that this year’s games for the fall were a bit underwhelming. Then, as if they were listening, the powers that be, who as if responded: ‘Oh yeah?!’, slapped me (and the world at large with) with this bombshell. If you somehow missed my ridiculously huge and embolden tag line of top then I’ll repeat it now: the Wii U is not only available for pre order now but will be out in a couple of months. Ah yes players the next generation of console wars starts today and I’m pleased as punch. Why? Because to be honest I didn’t think I wouldn’t think I would see the Wii U this soon, and as I said before this year’s Fall of Games was milk toast. Now I got something to be genuinely excited for – doing the Mario in the streets kind of excited. In my opinion the Wii was the most innovated video game console in my lifetime; simple to learn & fun to master it broke barriers between gamers and non-gamers. Proving once and for all anyone could not only game, but game well. Back in its prime you couldn’t find the Wii anywhere and if you got one you were half temped to sell it on eBay to quadtriple your investment. It was family friendly but had games with an edge to them too, never mind their brilliant inclusion of channels (i.e. apps) and the Miis which by themselves were hours of fun (creating different Mii versions of real/fictional people –don’t deny it). Even their competition had no choice but to follow suit and come up with their less than stellar knockoffs just to offer something comparable. So in short the Wii was awesome – but it has its weaknesses.





Many a gamer said its graphics the machine produces is bad, which I agree, don’t get me wrong; when a developer puts in the time (more on that in a minute) they can make it work, but for games ports you can always tell the difference between the PS3 Ghostbusters game and the Wii version. Only other complaint about the original Wii is that the games are bad, which I strongly disagree. The Wii is a very unique system, in turn might not be the easiest thing to develop and program for; but that’s just an excuse for laziness (that’s right I went there). Some of the best games for that system was Madworld and No More Heroes; games that people put in the time, effort, and a dare say love into them it make them the great works of art they are (violent art but still). However some developers don’t care about making a half descent game, but rather making a quick buck on a popular machine by churning out shovelware. That said shovelware devalues the excellent console gives it the stigmata of ‘too kiddy’ or ‘amateur console’ to this day. Now thanks to the Wii U those complaints will be irrelevant: the graphics will be comparable if not better than the 360 and PS3 platforms, and combined with the new Wii U’s mini tablet controller will give those the non-conformist developers more than enough to work with for their latest violent, hyped up shooter for next year (doesn’t matter which one). *Sigh* And yet I still hear the doubts and complains on how Wii U is not enough or will be overwhelmed by the upcoming Xbox 720 or the PS whatever in the next year. This is also a fallacy – know your history, a lot of people wrote off the first Wii before it came out; only for them to be proven wrong throughout most of the console’s lifetime and against consoles who, on paper, are superior.  The Wii U has all the strengths of its predecessor, and none of its weaknesses; to bet against it now would be unwise. Go, preorder, now!