This just in (Or not): Learn to drive offensively in the latest Agents of Mayhem trailer


You know, I don’t think I would want to give a group called the Agents of Mayhem any ride of mine. But screw it, let’s burn rubber in today’s ‘This just in’.


This just in (Or not): Learn to drive offensively in the latest Agents of Mayhem trailer




This just in (Or not) – G4 becomes Esquire… Yip pee *sarcasm*

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.



Fokes, G4 has been dead and buried for a long, long time; the only thing it was missing was an ingraved tombstone. Well people that tombstone just arrived and on it’s called ‘Esquire’. A few months ago I reported that the former network for gamers was going to be rebranded as a network for ‘today’s modern man’ that will feature shows that focus on food, fashion, women, humor, travel, and competition. So Bravo Spike TV 2 then… I hate this, and everything about it. They ended their two most popular shows ‘X-play’ & ‘Attack of the Show’ and replace it with shows like ‘Knife Fight’ – an underground, after hours cooking show & ‘The Getaway’, a traveling show. I’ve already spread my vitriol about how G4 didn’t deserve its fate and how the video game culture once again gets the shaft thanks to the powers that be; so I really don’t have anything more to say but this: its stuff like this that justifies my choice to be a gamer because there isn’t anything on TV – now more than ever.


Linkara sums it up for me.

WTF/FTLOZ – The Harlem Shake


OK people when I first commended on Gangnam Style (never mind the pirate speak, it was talk-like-a-pirate day) I thought it was a quirky, wacky, music video that I just didn’t get (though it grew on me over time). However at least is was entertaining, at least PSY was talented, and least the Gangnam Style video was made with actually effort. The Harlem Shake, a beyond inane ‘dance’ with ‘music’, is the anti-Gangnam Style. I’m serious, it’s possible the worst thing I’ve seen (creatively) on YouTube. It is so bad I’ve had to create a new segment called WTF/FTLOZ, or What the Freak / For the Love of Zod, whose purpose is to highlight the very worst of the net – and the Harlem Shake is the inaugural subject because it’s just awful… But the scary thing is people its spreading, not only is it gaining popularity on the YouTube but people are starting to create off shoots ( a few examples below)- why, WHY! Please people stop the madness for the Love of Zod, go back and watch Gangnam Style, watch Epic Rap Battle, heck even watch the Annoying Orange Show, anything, but don’t watch or support The Harlem Shake – it is evil.




Now ‘this’ one, I like.

Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 7)

“If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh!”



Ok fokes, this costume choice is in tribute to the greatest B.A. in gaming history: Magus from Chrono Trigger. Now, now, settle down, settle. I can hear you all loud and clear through the computer screen: “What about Master Chief? Or Kratos? Samus anyone?” All good choices, but Magus is unique in his rise to awesomeness: first of all he’s a prince of a magical kingdom but lost said kingdom when his mother went insane by waking up a planet eating space parasite (long story). Magus, then Janus, was then launched into the future as a child with no way of getting back – every thing he knew what lost to him forever. So what did he do then? Raised the army of monsters to conquer the future, turned the only one who could stop him into a frog (and broke his ultimate weapon), and  all the while working towards summoning the planet eating space parasite (the same one that got the mother) just to kick its @$$. He would have done it too if some punk kids didn’t get in the way; but that didn’t stop him – a true B.A. always has a plan B (for Bad @$$ of course). If you haven’t played Chrono Trigger yet, please do, it one of the greatest games of all time and not just because of the Dark Matter master.





At, d1g1tini has a Magus costume all ready to go those who have $125.00 to spend. I would, but I can’t pull of the ‘dark anti-hero’ look – that doesn’t stop the rest of you however.




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