Trailer-Rama – Ben Affleck in Leaked “Batman Vs. Superman” Trailer #3


Well people the ‘Ben Affleck Leaked “Batman vs. Superman” Trailer’, both 1 and 2 were parodies created by Team Coco. However it has come to my attention that some people were fooled by my posting and actually thought that the leaked trailers were legit. For this, as the de facto leader of Video Game Armada, I apologize and promise to be more responsible in our journalistic endeavors. In fact to make it up to you all we actually found a true to life Leaked “Batman Vs. Superman” Trailer starring Ben Affleck! For real! I’m not sure who posted on YouTube but I’m sure it’s someone very serious minded and not interested in running gags at all. Enjoy!




Trailer-Rama: Ben Affleck In Leaked “Batman Vs. Superman” Trailer #2


Well I guess you all knew that Tuesday post on the ‘Ben Affleck Leaked “Batman Vs. Superman” Trailer’ was a video edited joke created by Team Coco. A good job as always and as it turned out a popular segment so it was no surprise that they ‘found’ another leaked “Batman Vs. Superman” Trailer featuring more Ben Affleck heroics. Now to be fair, in Ben defense, no other previous Batmen look cool without the full gear on, also Selene Kyle didn’t take being two-timed well so he didn’t look very strong in this scene. Still, I agree with Andy Richter that the background music was pretty mellow, just because you’re Batman doesn’t mean you can’t have a diverse play list after all (and yes this is the last Team Coco post for the week).







In all seriousness the new Bat suit for the 2015 Batman vs Superman was just released and I’ll be honest its a little muted for me.Very old school with the giant Batman symbol on the chest is serious contrast to the futuristic looking Superman suit of the Man of Steel.